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I just realized I never posted a picture of me wearing my Yosemite.  So here it is!

I wore it at two parties last Saturday.  Comfy and didn’t get all stretched and limp by the end of the evening.  My only beef is that since the yarn is so slippery, and the placket is subjected to a fair amount of stress, the buttonholes stretched over the course of the night.  So I think I’m going to sew it down, and have the buttons on there just for show.

ObscureCanLitMama took me up on my Calorimetry offer, so I whipped one up on Saturday (no photos, sorry!).  It’s a little big, though, so I’ll redo it.  Anybody else?

Knitteopath has, sadly, come down with a case of tendinitis in her wrist and can’t knit for the forseeable future.  I hope she gets better soon!  I can’t imagine what I’d do.  Probably drive my whole family crazy with my restlessness.  Anyway, she had also volunteered to do a piece for the KW Red Cross, but can’t knit it because it’s too painful, so she asked me to do it.  It was quick!  It’s a calot (French, apparently, for teeny-tiny hat):

Sorry about the lousy photo.  I looked it up online, and apparently women wore these a lot in the first half of the 20th century.  I guess to keep your head moderately warm and your bun intact?

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