Nath Knits

and should probably be doing something else.


This post has 22 pictures

Ok, it doesn’t really, though there are a lot.  But 22 is how many pictures I uploaded to Flickr today.

I don’t know if it’s the weather (it was 24 degrees and sunny all afternoon with not a hint of haze in the sky), or the time of year but I feel so inspired today!

Today, I have made granola

and bread

I even sewed a little (more on that later).  I have yogurt incubating as I type.  Dinner was a cacciatore-style sauce composed of stuff that was already in my pantry, fridge and freezer.  And lest you think I’m all organized and in control, the turkey breast that I found in the freezer turned out to be a hunk of pork, which changed the end result somewhat, but not unpleasantly.  Label your frozen goods, people!

Work is good, choir’s about to start up again.  I’m all obsessed with this today (I have no time, and I’d have to take a course, but how cool would that be!  Can a kiln double as a bread oven??) I am excited at the prospect of making soup, and other things that require long, slow simmering, even though it’s supposed to go up to 31 on Friday.  But 31 at the end of August is way better than 31 in mid-July, especially with the sun going down at 8:00.  Anyway, I’m in a very at-peace-with-the-world kind of place.

These have been spotted all over my driveway lately

And it’s funny, because the trees from which they come haven’t really been changing colour that I’ve seen – the leaves just look like they spontaneously ended up, all red, on the driveway.  But it’s inevitable; summer’s almost over.  It was a good one!  I fit in two visits to Ottawa, and one to Montreal, we went camping, we cottaged, and we hung out.    I changed my storm door, all by myself.  I’m inordinately proud of this, which is silly, but still, it makes me happy every time I use it!  And even though it was hot, it didn’t bug me so much.  Either that, or I’m trying to suppress the memory of the hot nights when it was hard to sleep.  Oh, and we had a bat.  Summer’s not complete without a bat break-in!

It would appear that this summer was the summer of scarves.  I made, or finished, a pile of them.  Here’s the thing, though:  I almost never wear them!  I  mean, I wear them with my coat when it’s freezing out, like everybody else, but almost never as an accessory.  But maybe I should start, because I have some nice stuff!

This is Leftie, by Martina Behm, knit from dribs and drabs from the pile, for Zebula.  I ran out of white, but it’s big enough to make a kerchief-y scarf for her, and she really likes it.  I want to make one for me, out of some handspun.

There’s this:

I spun the yarn ages ago, from silk hankies.  Never again.  More trouble than it’s worth.  I made the scarf two winters ago.  Ecogrrl had said she liked the yarn, so I was planning on giving it to her, but then I put it someplace really safe, and didn’t find it again for months.  I did find it in the end, when I was going through all my baskets and yarn hidey places in the spring, and it took me this long to tuck the ends in and take a picture.  Ecogrrl, make sure I give it to you when I see you next!

The above is a Semele, by Asa Tricosa (looking at that page, there’s lots that I’d like to make!), worked on during the late spring/early summer.  The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Cashmere, colour Clover.  Everything about this was great:  the pattern, the yarn, the episodes of Mad Men I watched (well, listened to – this one was too hard to do without looking down) while I was making it.  And it’s lovely and soft.  I’m keeping this one!

There’s this, which I also worked on during the late spring/early summer:

Not a Drop, by Arlene’s World of Lace; yarn – also Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Cashmere; colour – something like Autumn Sun.  This one was fun!  It looks like dropped stitches but isn’t.  And it’s badly in need of blocking, which I will get to soon.

I made another Citron (it’s my fourth), out of Lacey Lamb.  I don’t know what the colour is called, but it’s capital-p Pink!

This is becoming my go-to, leaving town, need something easy but not too quick to work on, pattern.  I added bright yellow beads on the bottom, both to weigh it down and add to the garishness.  I figure the colour will be welcome in the middle of winter when everything is white and grey outside.

And this got finished, from the Madelinetosh that I was gushing over in my last post:

Colour Affection, by Veera Välimäki.  I can’t wait to wear it!!

I crocheted, even!  It had been a while.  A friend texted me last week to ask if I’d could duplicate a larger version of a hat her daughter liked to wear, but which she’d outgrown.   Only, in my haste to take it to her, I forgot to take a picture.  But take this:

and imagine a smaller, better shaped version, with a crocheted flower as an accent. The one you see above is one I had intended for the friend in question, since she mentioned she’d like one too, but it ended up too big, and because of the way it sat on her head, it looked too much like a doily.  So I’ll make another one.  I keep forgetting how fast crochet is!  I should do it more.  Once I had figured out the pattern, it took about an hour to make, including the flower.

And, yesterday, it finally happened!  I finally started to sew the fabric I cut in November of last year, out of fabric that I bought in October the year before.  I sewed the three fabric panels to the lining, and pressed it all out.  I’m vowing to get these done before the equinox.  I estimate that I’m already more than half-done, but it’s taken me two years to get here…

That’s my sewing workstation.  Such as it is.  What you don’t see (well, I guess you get a little glimpse of it from the toys and sundry items on the floor) is the complete and utter chaos that is immediately outside the frame of this picture.  Not just toys, but random crap that’s been accumulating on that table in the last 9 years.  It’s crazy.  I must sort through it all, but I decided I needed to sew the shades more than I needed to clean up.

And I finished spinning the BFL from my last post:

That’s 260 metres of three-ply BFL goodness.  I’d put it at a heavy-fingering/sport weight.  No plans for it as of yet.

Currently, I’m working on some socks for Zebula:

I can’t remember what the yarn is, just that the colour was called ‘Pow!’.  The dyer is in the Ottawa region.  That’s all I remember.  But the ball comes double-stranded, so you make both socks at once, and the stripes will match.  Not my favourite method for sock knitting, but there you go.  I didn’t want to break up the stripe pattern, so it’s just a couple of tubes for now – I’ll throw in some afterthought heels later.

And here’s the retina-searing blanket from my last post, in a somewhat regressed state:

I was almost done!  I was at the point where I was knitting the border, and I just didn’t have enough yarn.  So I dug through my patterns, and found an older version of Baby Shane, and the initial cast-on was 20 stitches less than the current version of the pattern had!  I do remember being left with quite a bit of leftover yarn when I made it before.  I emailed Tanis, the designer, and she said she had upped the cast-on number because she’d received complaints that there was too much left over.  She said she’d work on finding a suitable compromise.  So I ripped it all out, and I’m starting over – I’m splitting the difference and casting on 10 fewer stitches.  It’s a testament to my general at-peace-with-the-worldness that I wasn’t even annoyed – now I get to do it all again!  With different colour combinations, to keep it fresh!  The baby I’m knitting it for is due in October, so I should be done in plenty of time, provided I don’t keep using up my spare time by doing this:

I swore I wouldn’t do any more fantasy series, but I watched the two existing seasons of the HBO show, and I got hooked.  To tide me over until next season, I decided I’d cave and read the books.  I’m pleasantly surprised!  Yes, it’s another long, long fantasy series.  Yes, it’s as-yet incomplete.  But the storylines are good, the characters are interesting and more complex than you’d find typically in fantasy literature, and the unavoidable battle scenes aren’t described in agonizing detail.

Now that the weather’s getting cooler, I’m envisioning a sweater for myself.  And I should finish the one I started for Zebula.  And Vorlon should get one too.  And I haven’t made socks for Dr. Thingo for a long time.  And Christmas is coming – I have hats to plan. The busy season’s about to start!