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Channelling her inner Laura

Zebula has been reading (and having bits read to her) the Little House books for the past few weeks.  I read and re-read those books when I was a kid, and they’re great!  It’s nice to relive them through her.  Zebula’s friend A, who has also been reading the Little House books, incidentally, has a great sunbonnet that a relative of hers made.  Zebula asked me ages ago to make her one.  And a few times since starting the “Laura books”.  So when I mentioned this afternoon that I might do a little sewing, she asked again.  So I dug up a pattern, and here was the result, a couple of hours later:

I would like to point out that nobody but Zebula was responsible for her clothing choices today.

The pattern was apparently printed somewhere in the 70’s, and had been passed on to the author by her grandmother.  It’s straightforward, and now that I have the pattern pieces drafted on paper and cut out, I can easily make more.  The only change I made is that instead of using three layers of stiff muslin between the brim layers, I used heavy fusible interfacing.  Not exactly traditional.  I liked making it, and Zebula seems pretty happy with the result – she was disappointed when she went biking later that she couldn’t wear it under her helmet.

I finished my No-Gap Wrap.  That’s the one I complained last week was too long.  I ended up washing and drying it, and now the length is perfect, but it’s still a little loose in the neckline.  I’ll stabilize it with a row of crochet.  Someday.

And I made slipper socks for C, who drives me to choir.  Quick and easy.  When asked what colour she likes, she said “not green”.  This ought to do:

The flower is one of the tulips I planted last fall, and then forgot all about until they just started growing a few weeks ago.  They’re pretty, but only about 25 cm tall.

Speaking of gardening, I got all excited about this yesterday.  Cheap and easy!  I’m going to make three.  Apparenly, the yield is great, and it’s just the thing to do for the south-facing side of my house, where the tomatoes are going to go.  That part is all pavement, which is a shame, since it gets tonnes of sunlight.

Here’s the garden last Sunday:

And last, but not least (I know, I should post more often so there aren’t so many pictures every time…), I need to mark a departure:

See that?  That’s the corner where our Poang chair used to be.  After more than 10 years of faithful service, it finally gave up.  While I was sitting in it.  Yep.  It broke.  With an impressive set of warning cracks.  Those who were at Lauzon Lake with us last summer will understand why this is giving me a complex.