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A weight lifted

I finished this a couple of days ago:

This was commissioned by a friend whose mother-in-law had started it, but couldn’t finish.  The pattern is by Tivoli Spinners, from Ireland.  I believe the yarn and pattern were purchased on a trip to Ireland years ago.  Unfortunately, I gave it back, and the pattern, without ever taking note of what pattern number it was, and I can’t find it online.

I did not enjoy this project.  I mentioned it in a previous post: it hurt my shoulder to knit it, as I think the yarn was a little thick for the desired gauge.  I didn’t like the combination of stitch patterns.  But I will say that the pattern itself was very well-written and detailed.   It took me far longer to finish than it should have.  But it’s done, it was very well-received by the person who commissioned it, and I’m movin’ on!

Since my last post, not much knitting was finished.  I just didn’t feel the love.  I needed to get this sweater done, and I felt a little guilty working on anything else, so I didn’t really knit at all.  Things picked up in the last few weeks, though.  I did make a blanket for a Seattle friend’s new baby.  Another Baby Shane Blanket, with Tanis Fibre Arts yarn.  I loved working on this one just as much as I did the first one.  And, I just realized, by going back in the archives, that I never posted a picture of the blankie I made for Ecomonkey last year.  So here they are, in chronological order.

Different colour scheme.  I loved them both.  I’ll probably be making more of these – the pattern is very compelling, and the yarn is lovely.

The women in my choir had a very intensive week of concerts with the KW Symphony at the end of May, during which time I made a large portion of this:

That mess of stuff (yes, more Tanis Fibre Arts yarn.  It’s my favourite lately.) is a Tempest Cardigan.  All that’s left is to finish casting off the buttonband and collar, and making a lower hem.  I bought this yarn in the early spring when it was super dreary and cold and it makes me happy when I knit it.

I also started a thank you shawl a couple of days ago.  This is for the very nice lady who drives me to choir rehearsal every week.  This will eventually be a Hana-bi shawl, in Malabrigo Lace yarn, complete with beads.  I love making lace!  I’d do it more, but I hardly ever wear it…

Milestone:  Vorlon turned 6 a few weeks ago.  So I am officially no longer the mother of small children.  We had a birthday party for him that mostly involved a bunch of little boys running around in the back yard.  Vorlon requested a Millenium Falcon cake.

Sure, if I were a professional, this would’ve ended up on Cake Wrecks, but I think it turned out pretty well, though I had some serious doubts when I was at this stage:

And finally, a shout out to my friend Carrie, who competed in her first (and almost certainly not her last, given how she kicked butt!) triathlon yesterday.  When this lady sets her mind to something, she goes for it, no looking back!  Great job, Carrie!