Nath Knits

and should probably be doing something else.


It came!

I got this in the mail yesterday:


That dark one at the top, kinda hugging the caramel-coloured one?  I made it!  Here’s proof:

(for those readers who don’t actually know me personally, that’s me between ‘October pullover sweater: dark green,” and “; caramel, Victoria Wells”)

They even spelled both my names right!

I actually couldn’t bring myself to open it for the first two hours, afraid that they had decided it didn’t pass muster in the end and left it out.  But no, it’s in there.   I feel like knitting another one to commemorate.

I’ve done other stuff besides toot my own horn lately.  I crocheted a blanket for Spinrite.  The motifs were fun to work at first, and it was hot, so working on little  things was perfect.  I wasn’t crazy about the colours, but I liked the pattern.  It became much less appealing, when it was still 30 degrees out with a dewpoint of about 20 degrees (I don’t do Humidex) and I was faced with this:

That right there is roughly 2 kilos of acrylic that I was going to have to have lying across my lap as I sewed it all together.  Watching lots of QI helped.  Tucking in the ends was a bit daunting too.  But on Labour Day, the weather was blah and the kids played really well all day, and it got done.

The end result surprised me – the colours, arranged in a pattern (not chosen by me) looked good together!  Not at all what I expected.  I was sad to see this one go.

Hot on the heels of that one, they’ve sent me a pattern for a baby blanket made from crocheted mitred squares which should be interesting.

For the sake of posterity, here are the Ricks I mentioned previously – I found them just in time for our first rehearsal for this season (new director!) so that I could give them to M who would have received them at the end of last season, had I had the foresight to start them more than five days before our last performance.

And my latest spun yarns:

(Quarter provided for scale).  The first is a Koigu sliver.  I don’t remember the breed of sheep that produced the wool (Targhee?), but it’s lovely and sproingy and is going to provide a certain daughter with a winter hat.  The second is Tanis Fibre Arts silk roving, which I think I made thin enough that it will become yet another Citron.  For me this time.  They were both lovely to work with.  I’m currently trying my hand at spinning some silk hankies.  It’s spinning up ridiculously fine, so I might actually achieve a 3-ply laceweight, though it’ll probably take me about 10 years to get there.

And the triathlon idea is already fizzling – since I last posted, I’ve gone swimming exactly one time, and running exactly zero times.  Meanwhile, the person who inspired me to think about this kind of training has already run a race.  See?  Good at grand plans, less good at execution.  I’ll go running tomorrow.  I’ll need to feel energized for the KW Knitters’ Fair.