Nath Knits

and should probably be doing something else.


I have arrived

See that?

That is a letter, addressed to me, signed by Meg Swansen.  That’s right, THE Meg Swansen.  For those of my readers who don’t knit, Meg Swansen is pretty much knitting royalty.   Schoolhouse Press (of which she is the head) and Dover have decided to re-issue Knitter’s Almanac by the wonderful Elizabeth Zimmerman (again, for those who don’t participate in my hobby with the same obsessiveness that I do), she was Meg Swansen’s mom, and is credited with repopularizing knitting in America in the 60’s).  A few months ago, I got an email from Meg (!) asking me if I would please send them my version of the October Sweater so that they can include it in the new book (she’d seen it in Ravelry).  I of course accepted, and this letter came back with the sweater in July when they were done with it.  I’m so excited!  I don’t know if the sweater actually made it in the book or not, but I’m glad it got to be part of the process.  Apparently, they’re sending me a copy of the book when it comes out – I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.  That’s it.  I have arrived!

The summer is almost over!  It’s been mostly lovely, actually.  The weather has been wonderful, with only a few disgustingly hot days.  We’ve gone camping, cottaging and visiting with family.  There was an injury involving Vorlon, his bike and a hospital emergency room, but that all turned out ok.  My garden is sadly neglected, but yielding fruit nonetheless (we’ve been eating tomatoes and herbs, and the hot peppers are *this* close to being done.   Sweet peppers to follow soon).   I’ve been working, which has actually made me appreciate and enjoy the summer more.   I also got to assist Ecogrrl and Clevermonkey with bringing little A into the world.  She and her parents are made of awesome and I’m very honoured to have been part of it.

And I made some stuff!

Two Citrons.  The first one went to my friend R as a ‘congratulations on the birth of your third child’ present (I figure by baby number 3, you don’t need baby stuff so much as nice stuff for yourself.  And possibly some booze.).  The second went to Ecogrrl because I knit most of it during her labour with A.  You can’t tell from the picture above, but I did a beaded cast-off.

Ok, you can’t really tell from that picture either, but I love the way the purple turned out, so I included it anyway.  This pattern is quite addictive – I’m planning on making another one for me!

I finished a pair of Rick (from Sock Innovation) for M, who drives me to choir, but for some reason, I don’t have a picture.  I will remedy that soon.

I’ve started working for Spinrite again.  I’m currently in the middle of a big ol’ crocheted afghan.  The motifs are hexagons, which is kinda cool, but the pattern is very plain, so it’s not the most exciting project.  However, I worked on these a couple of weeks ago:

I’d never make this kind of thing for myself, but the flowers are really fun to work up.  And in case you’re wondering, it’s a bathroom set – canisters decorated with lotus flowers.  The canisters were a whole lotta no fun – to make them stiff, you have to work them at a ridiculously tight gauge.  Hand-Killer Canisters, I call ’em.  And the loose flowers are meant to decorate shower curtain rings.  Like I said, not my thing, but fun to make.  Zebula thought they were awesome and is expecting some flowers for herself soon.

I’m most of the way through a pair of Bex (from Sock Innovation also) – it’s crazy with cables.  I’m keeping those for myself.

I’ve been on a spinning kick too.  Which is good, because the fluff takes up a lot of space.  I finished some Tanis Fibre Arts tussah silk in Royal Flush, which is currently drying, and have spun the singles for some Koigu sliver.  The silk was lovely, and I ended up with about 270 metres of something between a laceweight and a fingering weight (this will become another Citron).   The sliver was also lovely.  I’m going to ply it tonight and it will probably end up being a hat for one of my kids.

Inspired by Obscure CanLit Mama, I’m tossing around the idea of participating in a triathlon.  Don’t know if I’ll make it, as I’m very good at making grand plans, but very bad at following through, but the training would be good for me.  I swam 1K on Friday morning, and it felt pretty good, though my shoulders are still aching.  We’ll see.