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Almost there

I’m almost done with my Chrismas socks.  I’m kinda banking on the fact that Christmas is 12 days long and ends on January 5th (or 6th, depending how you count), and should have these all sent out before all the Christmasness is over.

Our holidays have been very quiet this year.  It’s been just us this time.  I like to stay in town on alternate years, and none of my family made the trip down.  In between merrymaking with lovely friends, we ate lots of cookies, Christmas dinner was simple but delicious, and the kids have been in a happy state of Wii-induced catatonia since Christmas morning.  And Hanukkah was late this year, so in addition to all that, there were latkes!  It’s been good!  And I had three quiet days at work, which were nice too.  It’s going to be hard to transition back to my normal life where I don’t spend entire days munching on chocolate, knitting, and basically sitting on my butt.  And where I get exercise regularly.

I hope your holidays were/are good, whatever you celebrate!

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I’m typing now, at 11:41 in the morning on December 18th.  In the last 14 days, I have had six choir rehearsals and four performances, and another coming up later today.  I was a single mom for a week while Dr. Thingo was away at a workshop.  I made it to work when I was supposed to.  The house didn’t fall down.  The kids are still alive and well-fed (though not as nutritiously as I’d like).  I sent presents out for my nephews just in the nick of time, though not for all the grownups in my family (more on that later).  It doesn’t sound like much when I type it out like this, but it’s felt totally crazy.  I haven’t done any holiday baking, or decorated the house.  And, this year again,  I’ve sent zero holiday cards (my out-of-town friends all probably think we vanished).

None of that excuses the lack of posts, though!  I was shocked when Mom-of-Dr.-Thingo chided me during her last visit  for not having done a Hallowe’en post with the kids in their costumes.  I was sure I had!  But, no, my last post was just before Hallowe’en, showing off Zebula’s Gryffindor tie (it still tickles me that I made it.  And now it’s been integrated into the play pile, and resurfaces often).  Which means I haven’t posted for nearly two months.  It feels like not much has been accomplished in that time, so this post is as much to reassure me that, no, time isn’t just running away with me, as anything else.  Though I do feel like a bit of a show-off with these sporadic posts.  It all looks more impressive when I put two months’ worth of stuff up at a time than it really is, honest!

All right – this is not a Whining About Not Having Any Time blog, it’s a Stuff I Made Blog, so let’s get to it!

This one’s for-Mom-of-Dr.-Thingo:

Optimus Prime costume purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart with years of accumulated Optimum Points.  Hermione costume made with tie from last post, robe hastily assembled from an apron pattern, and chopstick wand (not in photo).  I’m surprised the robe was wearable at all (the neck was a little big).  The Gryffindor badge is printed out, ‘laminated’ with packing tape, and sewn on.  Unfortunately, the robe made a trip through the washing machine a couple of weeks ago.  The packing tape remained intact, but the badge inside disintegrated into zillions of little tiny bits of paper.  Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.

There was this:

That oddly-shaped thing is a doggie sweater, knit for a friend’s dog, in exchange for her delicious canned goods.  Best garlic dill pickles around, as well all kinds of other goodies! I even got to see its recipient wear it for the first time, a little bewildered at that thing on his back.  It’s a little big for him now, but he’ll grow into it, just like a furry toddler.  And, unexpected bonus: it also looks like a Doctor Who monster.

Aside:  I’ve been watching lots of Doctor Who lately.  I’m kind of in love with David Tennant.  I know they’re going to kill him off any minute now, and it’s making me sad.  Which makes me feel ridiculous.

I’ve also managed to finally get a shot of Dr. Thingo in his new sweater.  Supermodel shot:

Closer-to-reality shot:

He seems pretty happy with it, which made the endless sleeves worth it.  Sewing in the zipper wasn’t as bad this time around.  I’m either getting better at it, or my standards are getting lower.  I suspect it’s the latter.

Speaking of zippers, and sewing, I finally cut the fabric for the roman shades I’ve been planning on putting in the living room windows.  Well I cut the fabric about a month ago.  The fabric that I bought in October.  Of last year.  I bought some hardware last month too.  The shades should be completely finished in five years or so.

There was one large project that I won’t talk about that took a bit of time, but the recipient hasn’t received it yet.  Which is silly, because it’s been done for three weeks.

And socks.  Oh, the socks!  Next time I decide to make all the grown ups in my family socks for Christmas, I will start on December 26th.  Pictures after they’ve been sent to their respective feet.

Happy Whatever You Celebrate, everyone!

**edited to fix a typo.  Thanks, Jorge!**