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and should probably be doing something else.



The sweater made from Phildar Détente, purchased during my French vacation, is finished.  Here it is, modeled by Zebula (with Vorlon hovering in the background):

I love how this turned out!  I’m always a little disappointed with sweaters that I make for myself, probably because I’m hyper-critical of my own appearance like anybody else, but this one looks adorable!  I uncharacteristically went through the extra step of steam blocking it, which relaxed the yarn, and got rid of what little curl there was at the bottom of the body pieces.  Zebula loves it, but I do feel bad for making her put it on for the photo shoot in this muggy heat, if only for five minutes.

The pattern was very clear and well-written.  I’m looking forward to starting the sweater for Vorlon.



I made bread today (Yeasted Dill Bread from Simply in Season.  Very yummy).  This in itself is unremarkable.  What is remarkable, however, was the baking method.  It’s kinda hot today, in my part of the world, and on hot days like this, I don’t like to turn on the oven.  Or the stove, for that matter.  It makes the house that much hotter.  But I really wanted to make the bread.  What to do?  Make it in the barbecue, of course!  I have a gas barbecue, and so I heated it up, then turned off one of the burners and put the bread on the side that didn’t have a flame.  Poof!  Outdoor oven!  Turned out beautifully.

I can’t take credit for the idea, though.  The seed was planted by my neighbour who told me last year that she’d made pizza on the grill.  It’s the same idea – heat up the ‘cue, turn off one of the burners, put the rolled-out dough (no toppings) right on the grill (this works better if you have a peel).  Flip it over after a couple minutes, load it up with toppings, close the lid, come back in 10 minutes, and you have fabulous grilled pizza.

Anyway, this opens up whole new vistas of summer eating.  It’s going to be another scorcher tomorrow.  What next?  Barbecued cookies?

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Never again…

I finished the accursed Kureyon Socks:

I finished them today, after working on them while I was on the beach in Inverhuron.  I even made myself stay up late yesterday, nodding off, to finish the knitting.  I tucked the ends in after we got home today.  Done.  I’m never working with this yarn again.  Let’s put things into perspective:

Kureyon Sock Yarn Pros:  It comes in absolutely gorgeous colourways

Kureyon Sock Yarn Cons:  It’s a one ply, so it’s always twisting on itself.  It felts in the ball.  There are often knots, and the colourway doesn’t necessary continue as it was going, so there are sometimes jarring changes in colour.  It’s thick-and-thin, which gives it lots of character, but makes for crappy socks.

Yeah.  Never again.

And my weekend was wonderful.  We were at my friend Eric‘s cottage in Inverhuron.  Our hosts were lovely, as usual, and it was great to hang out with them (an especial thank you to Leah who was a very good sport about Zebula, who latched on to her and didn’t give her a moment’s peace).  I love this particular spot of the world.  It’s full of good memories, and it’s always nice to add new ones every year.

On top of it all, clevermonkey made the best pig ribs I’ve had in a long time, possibly ever.

After my weekend of sitting in the sand (my feet haven’t been this clean in weeks!) and drinking beer, it’s back to the old grind.  Well, it’s not so bad – the kids are both in preschool camp in the mornings, so it’s one more week of decadence for me!



I heard my first cicada today.  To me, the sound of cicadas is the sound of heat.  That and crickets.  And there’s this bug that makes a sound on hot nights like one of those rattles that you spin.  Like these (sorry, I could only remember the French word for them.  It’s crécelle, in case you were wondering).  Anyway, I have no idea what that is.  Maybe it’s a toad and not a bug?  I get a lot of toads in my front garden.  And since you can’t search Wikipedia for sounds yet, I’ll probably never know.

Today, the kids started their day camps, so I had the morning off to do what I wanted.  It was nice!  And I get to do it again nine more times!  And it also means that the dreaded Kureyon Socks will probably get done, since that’s the portable project, and I’ll have lots of coffeeshop time to do them in.  But I don’t like working on it.  I feel like it’s a drag every time I pull them out.  But I bought this yarn in a moment of weakness at Shall We Knit after the Woolly Thoughts workshop I went to on Mothers’ Day, so I feel this is my punishment

I started a new project for Spinrite – a baby blanket and puppet/washcloth.  They’re in Bernat Cottontots, which I’ve worked with before.  It’s nice.  Fluffy (for cotton), not too splitty.  Kind of like cotton batting held together with a cotton thread spiraling around it.  And it’s crochet, so it’s just zooming along.

Back to compulsively looking at the house temperature reading.  I haven’t wished I had AC yet this summer, but tonight might push me over the edge.

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I’m getting my weekly CSA box today, and I’m out of lettuce!  Woohoo!  I don’t have a lettuce surplus this week.  I’d like to thank Larry and Bernice,  who helped make this possible.

And I have dinner guests tonight.  They’re getting salad too.