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Now what?

I have finished the shades!  After nearly two years!  Even though it was probably, all told, less than 10 hours of work!

They’re not perfect (in fact, if you observe them even a little closely, quite frankly, they’re terrible).  But they’re better than the roller blinds that were there before.

The shades got to be a running gag.  After I bought the fabric, whenever I’d mention some home improvement I wanted to start, Craig would bring up the Roman Shades.  “Let’s repaint the office!” “Yep!  As soon as the shades are done”.  “I should change the light fixture in here.” “*cough*Shades*cough*”

(I would like to say, for the record, that the reason why the blinds aren’t straight at the bottom in this picture isn’t because the hems are wonky – they’re actually really good (I measured 20 times, and cut once…), but because our windowsills are never free of random crap).

So, what’s next?  Jacuzzi?  New kitchen?  Self-cleaning bathrooms?  Actually, the next project is likely to be insulating the house.  Necessary, but not very exciting. Still, it feels good to be done!


ETA:  I used the method from here.  It was good, and well-explained, but next time, I’ll leave the inside battens out.  Gluing them in was the worst part.