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Educational Interlude the Second – Day 115

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Yes, I’m stalling.

Last weekend, we went to see the Lord Mayor’s Show, which was your typically British, weird but endearing, combination of tradition and ceremony and a good show.  And I didn’t bring my camera, so you’ll have to see the website for photos of the event.  The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf this year, made the trek from the Mansion House to Westminster to swear an oath to the Crown.  There were horses, and fancy carriages, and hats, and robes and marching bands and floats and a giant inflatable pig.  And there’s apparently a Livery of Information Technologists.  And they had robes.  Why don’t I have robes??

But I was confused, because I thought the mayor of London was that guy with the unfortunate haircut, Boris Johnson.  And it is. Why two mayors?  So I looked it up.  And in doing so, I found some videos, by CGP Grey, which are hugely entertaining and informative (And then I fell down the rabbit hole of his YouTube channel and lost a lot of time but learned a lot of stuff.  Check out the one about the Canada/US border – it’s great!)  I like this guy – he talks at my speed.

Anyway, here for your edification, is the reason why London has two mayors, and why there’s a yearly ceremony with a gilt carriage and a funny hat.  Enjoy!

Part one

Part two

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