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Cautiously optimistic – Day 61


I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  The week seemed quiet, but in retrospect, there was quite a bit more activity.  And I’ve taken shamefully few pictures (I kept forgetting to put my camera in my purse).  The kids still didn’t have school to go to, so we did the homeschool thing in the morning, and ran errands or hung out in the afternoon.  We decided Wednesday was field trip day, so we went to the Museum of Natural History (paying particular attention to vertebrates and their eating habits so it would count as ‘school’).  I enrolled Zebula in a drama class, which started on Tuesday, and Vorlon in a dance class, which started on yesterday.  Yesterday was also Zebula’s birthday (11!), and I met with a neighbourhood singing group in the evening.  So the schedule is slowly filling up!

The big news, though, is that the Borough called late yesterday afternoon to tell me that the school offer letters were in the mail.  Finally!  They couldn’t tell me which school (I tell you, the rules here are weird), but only that it was one of the six (out of 64) that we said we’d prefer.  So I’m cautiously optimistic – I’ll feel better once I have the offer letter in my hands, which won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest.  I think the tipping point was a tweet Dr. Thingo made early in the week stating that he was frustrated with the Borough’s slowness in assigning us a school.  Somebody at the Borough saw it and tweeted back.  They said they’d check, then they said they’d ‘escalate our case’.  Sure enough, the next day, we got a call.  And a tweet.  And an email.  I guess they want us to stop bugging them.  I’m surprised Twitter got us a school, but at this point I’m not going to ask questions.

I’ll post more about singing, and schools, and a brief foray into millinery.  For now, I give you foxes snoozing in my back garden.


ps.  Full photo set for September is here, if you are interested

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4 thoughts on “Cautiously optimistic – Day 61

  1. Those are cute foxes!

    Hooray for Twitter! Never thought I would say that! 🙂

  2. Foxes snoozing in your back garden! Wow. I’ve never seen that here. Though I did see a possum in your front garden, once.

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