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Still waiting – Day 47


(Full photo set for September can be found here)

Yep, we’re still waiting for school placements.  We should be hearing today.  If not, as I told Mom-of-Dr.-Thingo, I will show up at the council office every day starting Monday, with the kids, and I’ll let them run around the cubicles and bicker with each other as incentive to process our applications quickly.

Treason, or perceived treason, never ends well.

We had a good week.  Dr. Thingo’s parents were visiting London, after a cruise to St. Petersburg. We had them, and the friends with whom they’re traveling, over for dinner on Saturday night, and it was good to hang out with people who are not Dr. Thingo or the kids.  Not that I don’t like Dr. Thingo and the kids.  It’s just that we’ve been together, traveling and getting settled in London, for six weeks, and while it’s been great to have so much family time, one needs a little contact with other people.  Plus I got to cook for a crowd, which is always good.

The White Tower, built in 1080 or so. It has housed kings, queens, and prisoners (some of which were also kings or queens).

The Thingos were here until Wednesday, so we did tonnes of sight-seeing.  We spent a morning at the Tower of London, we did a Thames boat tour, we went to the Victoria and Albert, the Science Museum and the Museum of Natural History.  The latter three were free – it’s so weird to me that one can just walk into a museum and look around.  But all the National Museums here are free (donations appreciated).  Same for the British Museum, which we visited last week.  The museums are also well-curated and well-designed.  We quickly looked at all of them; we’ll have to go spend some more focused time later.  I liked the V&A especially, though it wasn’t the kids’ favourite.  If they ever get into school, I’ll venture into the city and go visit, a little bit at a time.

Chihuly, at the V&A


The Prospect of Whitby, seen from the Thames. Dickens used to hang out here.


The Museum of Natural History. There are plants and flowers painted on the ceilings, and animals carved into the pillars and stair rails.

I like exploring the city.  First off, it’s huge.  Second, it’s surprisingly green.  There aren’t that many skyscrapers, so it doesn’t feel too closed in (unless you go to Canary Wharf, where it’s all skyscrapers).  There are big, sprawling parks everywhere.  And lots and lots of people.  It’s a beautiful city.  Administrative nonsense notwithstanding, I’m very glad to have the opportunity to be here as more than just a tourist for the week.

This was in the South Kensington tube station. It’s a map of the underground, circa 1927, rendered in Lego. The next day, when we went, it was gone!

Token knitting content:  I finished the socks for Vorlon:

Yarn: Wendy Roam Fusion. Pattern: memorized no-frills basic sock.

And I’ve started a pair for Zebula:

Yarn: Wendy Roam Fusion. Pattern: Sock Stripe, by General Hogbuffer

This pattern is interesting – you knit the cuff, as usual, but then you knit the rest in strips, starting from the cuff, and working down to the heel, and then picking up stitches back to the cuff, and continuing.  Then the heel.  Then the sole, and the front.  You never break the yarn.  It’s clever, and interesting.  This is the second pattern I’ve done by this designer, and they’ve both been very interesting to knit up. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

I also started my Parisian Souvenir Scarf:

Pattern: Echarpe Volvic. Yarn: a strand each of mohair and sparkly stuff, from La droguerie.

The above is from the kit I bought from La droguerie in Paris.  It is a four-row lace pattern, memorized easily, and not terribly interesting to knit, but it’s fluffy and sparkly and I think it will be much appreciated when everything is grey and drizzly and chilly in a couple of months.

Think successful and prompt school-placement thoughts for me!


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4 thoughts on “Still waiting – Day 47

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to see the finished scarf! It looks beautiful so far!

    I cannot believe that you still don’t have school sorted out. That is so crazy! Hopefully, once you find out, the kids can just GO to the correct school and then just stay there! 🙂

  2. What is it about sabbaticals that makes getting kids into school so difficult? We had the WORST time ever over in Austria, too. Here’s hoping that things work out for you very soon.

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