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Bulgur, corn syrup, and Ovaltine pilaf


No pictures today – it’s been too grey to take good pictures of anything.  But I want to get into the habit of posting every week – things should be more interesting in a couple of weeks

We leave in two weeks (should I call it a fortnight?  Do people in the UK still say that in casual conversation?)  Preparations are continuing apace.  It’s going quite well, actually.  The basement is basically finished.  The main floor is mostly finished.  The upper floor isn’t at all finished, but it should be the easiest one.  I’m actually enjoying this process.  Thoroughly going through every room, sorting, and getting rid of a substantial portion of 10 years’ worth of accumulated stuff feels very liberating.  And I love hanging out in the finished rooms – I find it very soothing.

It’s dumb, but the most daunting thing right now is the pantry.  I have been making an effort to plan meals around what’s in there, rather than my usual strategy of making what sounds good at that moment and getting whatever is needed to make it happen.  I’m not very motivated to bake (it’s hot and moist these days), and I get hung up on the fact that I only have small quantities of a lot of stuff.   I’m trying not to buy any more dry goods, and I’ve run out of a few essentials (vanilla and white sugar to name a couple.  I made some pretty bland cookies this morning…) I haven’t made anything too bizarre yet, but as time goes by, and the less exotic ingredients get used up, things could get interesting (see post title).  Actually, what’s most likely to happen is that I give up altogether and we live on frozen pizza until we take off.

But at least none of it will go to waste!  A friend, who is returning with her family from her own sabbatical next week said she’d take whatever I had left.  Still, I should make a concerted effort to use it up.  Nobody needs this much lasagna.

I just realized today that I’m strangely calm.  Maybe the panic will set in next week, but so far, I have been enjoying the pace of my days for the summer break.   I’m finding I’m getting a lot of Getting Stuff Done time and a reasonable amount of Taking It Easy time.  I feel like I should be working harder, but everything seems to be getting done.  The kids have daily swim lessons at 10:30 – early enough that it doesn’t totally interrupt the day, but not so early that I’m waking people up and rushing them through breakfast.  During their lessons, I swim laps on days when I haven’t already gone to some early morning exercise class, or sit on deck and knit and read in the sunshine (or downpour, depending on the day).  We come home, hang out, have lunch, and then spend the afternoon working on the house.  Nothing feels rushed.  The kids are easily distracted from the task at hand, but they’re on break, so I haven’t been pushing too hard.  Dr. Thingo has some things to wrap up at work, so he’s been gone for a good portion of the work day, but he’s been doing a lot of house stuff too.

Token knitting content:  Part of packing up the basement was going through the yarn stash and making sure every ball/skein was in a bin with a lid, to prevent moth damage.  I got rid of a fair amount of stuff, mostly acrylic from the 70’s that people kept giving me when some relative died (“You knit, right?  Here, take this.”).

I’ve been uncharacteristically monogamous with the knitting for the past week.  I’m still working on the green sweater I mentioned in my last post.  It’d probably be done by now, but since I’m making it up as I go, I’ve needed to rip it back a lot to make it work (armhole too short, waist darts too high, need bust darts, v-neck started too late, etc…).  The yarn is nice to work with, and it’s holding up fairly well, but I’m not sure how much more ripping out it’ll take before it just turns to dust.

I’m going to go look up recipes that require matzoh meal, red beans, and dried barberries.


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2 thoughts on “Bulgur, corn syrup, and Ovaltine pilaf

  1. But we love lasagna!

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