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It’s currently 8:30 pm, and 28 degrees outside.  The living room is also at 28 degrees – the unexpected silver lining is that, since the house is warm anyway, turning the stove on isn’t going to harm anything, so I made a dinner that actually involved boiling a big pot of water, and it didn’t make things noticeably worse.  It looks like Arizona out there – everything’s all dry and brown and crunchy.  Up until yesterday, when we got a little rain, even my periwinkle was looking a little droopy.  Everything in the house feels moist.  It’s hot, is what I’m getting at.  So, for some imaginary relief, let’s think back a few months to last winter and try to recall how it felt to be cold.

Only last winter wasn’t really cold, and there was hardly any snow.  Oh well.

When last I posted something about my crafty work, it was to show off my Christmas socks.  After that, I decided to go on sock hiatus, but for one pair of kilt hose for my employer for his birthday/late Christmas.  I took a picture, but it’s so bad that I’m not going to bother putting it here.  Imagine these, only in black.

At some point in the winter, I bought this book.  I love her stuff.  So cute!  And I’m surprised at myself, because I don’t usually go for that kind of cute.  Anyway, the kids are all over it, and I let them pick out some that they liked especially.

Vorlon’s choice:

Zebula’s selection:

Vorlon brought his for Show and Tell and promptly told the class I’d make some for everybody.  I had to decline.  They are kind of fun to make though, and work up in a couple of hours.  I also made some teeny hamsters at some point, but there are no photos – I should dig them out.

I made myself a hat (Natalya, by Janneke Hopman.  Works up in one evening.  Yarn: Cascade 220):

Only, it looked way better on Zebula, so she ended up getting it.  This is how it begins, isn’t it?  Next thing I know, she’ll be borrowing my shirts without asking, and I’ll be looking for my shoes one day, and I’ll find them in her room because she wore them yesterday.  Sigh.

Photo taken from the train, en route to Ottawa during March break.  She wore it for the entire train ride.   Even though it was really hot in there.

I made one of these:

(Pogona, by Stephen West.  Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn)  I even wore it a few times before what winter we had quickly disappeared.  The yarn, while pretty to look at, is scratchy, but it’s very warm.  Maybe I’ll appreciate it more next year.

And that’s it for winter!  Except for starting the sweater from my last post, that’s all I made.  I spun a little, but, basically, it was kind of unproductive.  Warning: spring isn’t looking much better.

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