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In which Nath is grumpy, and then she isn’t


I have a cold. I’m generally pretty good about that kind of thing, but this one’s making me grumpy.  I spent the morning in a pissy mood, and, on top of it all, I’d planned my day wrong, and felt sorry for myself because all the things that needed doing today wouldn’t get done.  And then, lucky break, the work at the choir office this afternoon was quick, leaving me with extra time to not only get everything done that I needed today, but also to get home in time to have a half hour to myself before the kids needed to be picked up.

Yep, that’s hot chocolate.  Because, while coffee is the elixir of life, hot chocolate is some of the best comfort food around.

And then, I felt better!  Day still grey.  Cold still there.  But I felt better.  See?  Knitting makes me a better person.

Doesn’t hurt that I’m totally in love with this yarn and this pattern (Royale, by GlennaC, with Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran)

Disclaimer:  Grey, grey day + lens I don’t like + too lazy to change said lens or play with shutter and aperture settings = super narrow depth of field.  Sorry about that!

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

3 thoughts on “In which Nath is grumpy, and then she isn’t

  1. I had hot chocolate today too. But I didn’t knit anything.

    Glad that your day got better.

  2. Thanks!

    I’ll show you how to knit! It goes really well with hot chocolate!

  3. Oooh…. Tanis! That would make anyone’s day better. Get well soon!

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