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Because Kim told me to


Summer’s over – the air is deliciously chilly, the kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks, choir has started up again after the summer hiatus, and life is suddenly ridiculously busy.  Zebula turns 9 tomorrow, which seems so old.

I was having lunch with the lovely and talented Kim last week, when she ribbed me for not blogging in so long.  So here I am.  Maybe someday I’ll graduate from just giving you a quick collage of stuff I’ve finished, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…

I made this for my lovely yoga instructor, because it’s a bad pun (Pattern is My So-Called Pidge, by Kerry Newbill):

One of the kinds of yoga she teaches is Kundalini.  Dr. Thingo calls it the Yoga of Self-Punishment.  I call it Transcendence Through Repetition.  Basically, one repeats the same movement for a long time (10-15 minutes sometimes), while often incorporating breath of fire.  At first, it feels a little like torture.  Eventually, you stop needing to consciously make the movement, as your muscles just take over, and your head is free to wander.  I like the places my head goes in those conditions.  Anyway, the poses in this practise are called kriyas rather than asanas.   Baby alpacas are called crias.  The yarn for the cowl is baby alpaca I spun a couple of years ago (scroll down a little).  Get it?  Cria/Kriya??!?  Yeah…

Then came July.  I got to go to Portugal with Dr. Thingo, which was fantastic.  We hadn’t been on a vacation alone together for three years.

This is me on vacation

Portugal is beautiful, and the weather was fantastic the whole time we were there.  Hot, but not all muggy and gross like it is here.  Hilly.  Old (we went through ruins that dated back to the Emperor Augustus).  I thought my weak knowledge of Italian and even weaker knowledge of Spanish would get me by in Portuguese.  I was mistaken.  But I managed to get my point across when needed, got lots of rest, did a huge amount of walking uphill both ways, and ate lots of fish.  While away, and during the flights there and back, I got a couple of shawls done.

This is an Acanthus Shawlette, by Caroline Wyborny, made from Shall We Knit’s Willow Street Silk.  The pattern is good, though the pattern chart is a little hard to follow, and once you’ve done the lace border, the stockinette crescent basically knits itself.

And then I made another Citron, which was my backup project, in case I got through or totally gave up on the above Acanthus.

Sorry about the end-of-my-arm shot – couldn’t be bothered to set up the timer.

I’ve made three of these so far, and I’ll probably make more.  The constant stocking stitch is perfect for vacation knitting, and knitting while keeping the kids entertained on the train.  And I like how it sits on your neck.  I think the next one will be in fingering weight, rather than lace weight, for something a little larger and more shawly.

I also made this in July:

It’s a Hana-Bi shawl, by Katherine Matthews (mine is the only project for this pattern in Ravelry!  I win!)  I have mixed feelings about how this turned out.  The pattern was impeccably written, and I like the beading, but this yarn (Malabrigo lace), while squooshy and delicious, is too busy and detracts from the lace pattern.  I think I might make another one with either a plain yarn or a more monochromatic colourway.

And, after months of it sitting on my dresser, needing only for the ends to be tucked in and to be blocked, this Itasca Scarf:

I offered the four scarves/shawls above to the person who drives me to choir as a thank you for doing so.  I had originally intended to give her the Hana-Bi, but figured since I had a pile of finished items, she may as well pick something she really likes.  She ended up picking the Acanthus.  So now I’m up to here with scarves – maybe I should start wearing them more.

I finished some Christmas socks for my stepdad, but discovered that he has much smaller feet than I thought, so they will be reknit (no pictures, as there is a non-zero possibility he might read this).  However, I finished some socks for my mom without incident (ditto about pictures).  I used Zebula’s feet to measure – how crazy is that?  She needs to grow into her feet or she’ll look like she’s walking on snowshoes all the time as an adult.  I also finished this for EcoMonkey:

But it needs buttons.  Which is the kind of bottleneck around here that guarantees she won’t get it until she’s 16.

And I finished this cardigan (Tempest, from Knitty, by Anne Weaver).  I never did put buttons on it, but I think I’ll leave it that way – they would probably gape when I closed it up, so it can just be an extra layer when I’m chilly.  I think I showed this, unfinished, in my last post, but somebody asked me for a more finished photo.


I’ve been working on a sweater for Dr. Thingo.  He has really long arms.  I’ve done the body.  I’m working on the sleeves, and doing both at a time, and they’re stuck in this time-space distortion where I knit them and knit them and they don’t get longer.  If anybody knows how to get out of this, let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Because Kim told me to

  1. You SHOULD be blogging more often!

    Okay, I love everything that you knit, but I adore the neck thingy you made for your yoga instructor (she must be an amazing person! 🙂

    I also love the neck thingy you are wearing too (the purple one).

    Nice to hear from you!


  2. Yay! A new blog from Nath! And your output makes me feel sluggish (even though I don’t knit).

    I second what T said.

  3. I third what T and Carrie said. All those projects look amazing.

  4. Wow. You are, like, a 10th Dan of Knitting. Your stuff is so awesome!
    I’m glad you guys liked Portugal, as well. I really want to go back at some point.

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