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Still here…

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(Clearly, in my last post, ‘tomorrow’ meant ‘a month from now’.  My apologies.)

Work, knitting, gardening.  Blah blah blah.  Here are some pictures:

Vorlon is 5!  This was his party cake (I also made a vanilla cake with lemon curd and meringue buttercream for his actual birthday, but it was less interesting to look at).  He actually asked for flowers. I was shocked, but happy to comply.  Not my best work.  It was hot that day and the icing got all melty.  What I should have done was make the roses ahead of time and put them in the fridge for awhile before I tried to put them on the cake, but I was in a hurry.  None of the guests present complained about the substandard flowers.

Here’s something I finished last March, but never got around to posting:

It’s the Back to School vest from Fitted Knits.  Done in Cascade 220.  It knit up fast, and I made it especially for that shirt I’m wearing in the picture.  I loved the birdy pattern, but it was just too much bird.  So I made the vest to cut the busyness of the fabric a little.  I like it.   It fits well, but the ribbing kind of relaxes and sags by the end of the day.   Still, a winner.

I finished a pair of socks for Zebula:

(made up patten, two colours of Koigu PPPM).

Finished a pair of socks for me:

(Kai Mei, from Sock Innovation.  Made out of Trekking Zitron XXL).

My choir director retired this year after 38 years.  Being in the choir means a great deal to me, and I’m going to miss him terribly.  I made him a ‘happy retirement’ gift:

(Henry, from  The yarn is Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere and is wonderful)

I love the herringbone pattern:

Though I found that the cast-on edge was really loose.  I did try to keep the sewn cast-off equally loose to match, but it didn’t work.  It blocked out fairly well, but it’s still not perfect.  I’m hoping that the fact that the scarf is impossibly soft will compensate.

Incidentally, working lengthwise on a metre-and-a-half long scarf on fingering weight yarn can sometimes suck your will to live.  The cashmere helped, though.  Oh, and working on this scarf gave me a great idea for CleverMonkey’s sweater, which has sadly been languishing for months! Remember how I didn’t like the way my integrated i-cord was making the fabric hang (you have to scroll to the bottom of the post.  Also, deep irony:  I make a comment near the top of the post that I have just finished a vest, and will hopefully post pictures of it sometime before May.  Ha.)?  Well, this scarf uses a slipped rib edging that is excellent, and would suit the purpose just fine on the sweater, so I’m all inspired to rip back the half a front I’ve already done and do it over.  And finish, before winter shows up again.  I hope.

And I made a garden:

I finally planted it all outside last weekend.  Plus some petunias.  Hopefully I’ll get more of the produce than the bunnies will.

Are there some gardeners out there?  My periwinkle is being taken over by grass.  Is there a way to get rid of the grass that doesn’t involve noxious chemicals or tearing everything out and starting over?

That’s it, in a nutshell.  Not making any promises about when I’ll post again.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

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  1. Man, you are busy. No wonder you don’t know when you will post again. Beautiful stuff you made!

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