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Full life


So much going on!

It is definitely fall around here.  We’ve had a frost, I’ve turned on my furnace (it’s set to 18 during the day and 16 at night, so it’s not working very hard, but I really don’t want it to go down below that).  I’m wearing socks.  It seems like we never really got summer and that we have to get ready for the cold already.  Flannel sheets and hot water bottles can’t be too far behind.

I started working.  It’s good to be back out there.  The first few days were bizarre – I found myself looking up every once in a while, wondering where Vorlon was, and then I’d realize he was at school and stop worrying.  I’m finding that my brain isn’t working quite as fast as it was when I stopped working seven years ago, but it’ll come.  I’m working on finding a good balance between work, home, kids and everything else.  That will come too, I’m sure.

The choir is keeping me busy too.  I am now also part of the Chamber Singers, which is great.  I like all the stuff we’re doing this year, so all the rehearsals are a joy to attend.   Though Mondays are pretty long – wake up early to go work, work, get the kids, come home, make and eat dinner, and then go sing for three and a half hours.  But it’s all great!

So what with all this stuff going on, I’m not really able to stay up until midnight knitting anymore, so productivity has gone way down.  Still, I’m managing to finish things off.

I finished a pair of mittens made out of last year’s handspun (it’s sad that I spin so little that the yarn I make can be identified by the year it was made).  It was my first venture back into entrelac knitting since a blanket I made for my first nephew four years ago that made my teeth itch when I worked on it.  I swore I wouldn’t ever do entrelac again.  Then I found myself drawn to this headband, which seemed perfect for the handspun.  So I decided to make it a set, with mittens.  I started with the mittens, kind of winging entrelac in the round.

The thumbhole is just a skipped entrelac square, I picked up the stitches to make two squares where one used to be, and continued on to make the thumb.  They’re a little bit longer than I’d like.  I’m especially proud of the top of the mittens, which (though you can’t see it that well in the picture) are made of rounds of progressively smaller squares, until I got to the top where I was just left with one stitch per square – I just drew some yarn through the stitches and pulled.  And, it turns out, I don’t hate entrelac on smaller projects.  Probably because turning the project around every x stitches is much more pleasant for a small project than a large one like a blanket.

I am now working on the headband, which is languishing in my purse.

In my continuing efforts to work my way through Sock Innovation, I’ve made one Vilai sock, and have just not gotten around to casting on for the second.  This one takes quite a lot of focused attention, so I kinda don’t want to get into the next one, which is a shame, because they’re really gorgeous.

I made a fairisle tam for Spinrite, out of a great combination of colours of Patons Classic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture.  But it was pretty!

I’m currently making a cowl for Spinrite out of Bernat Roving.  The first attempt was gigantic!  I had taken a picture, because I thought it was so ludicrously huge and thought the designer would get a kick out of it (it’s not even done in the picture!).

When she saw the picture, she decided to make it smaller, so I’m going to do it again.  Incidentally, I don’t know why I look so grumpy there.

Progress is slow on the commissioned sweater for clevermonkey.  I think the pattern will need some redesign work – the yarn is finer than the recommended one, and I thought I could get away with just making the extra-large size with the finer yarn, but it’s still too small  So I’ll rework it and start again.

Zebula got to try out the spinning wheel the other day.  I treadled while she drafted.  I think it turned out pretty well!

It’s just a few metres (I Andean plied it after she made the singles)  She’s so proud of it, she’s been carrying it around in her school backpack ever since.

Speaking of Zebula, she had a birthday a couple of weeks ago (seven!).  Somebody (I can’t remember who.  Sorry, Curious Person!) asked for pictures of the cake.  This time around I made two – one for her party, which was at a local bowling alley:

It was a little haphazard, and the lettering is dismal, but it did the trick.  It turns out it takes a surprisingly large quantity of food colouring to make red that bright.  Of course, all the kids wanted ‘some red’ with their piece.

This is cake #2, made for the first batch of grandparents to come and visit.  They came last weekend rather than on Zebula’s birthday because of Rosh Hashanah, and Zebula wanted a cake with flowers on it.

I feel a little bad, because the second batch of grandparents came this weekend, and I didn’t make them any cake.  In fact I feel extra bad, they even babysat while Dr. Thingo went out on a date.  Which my dad drove us to.  It was just like being 15 again.  Anyway, I just didn’t want to make any more cake, and never got around to making the apple crisp I promised.

I think I’ll go make the apple crisp now.  I have a very interested little girl (now seven!!) who wants to help out.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Full life

  1. It was me! I was the Curious Person. Thanks for posting. I love photos of cakes. Strange, I know. I just do.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. The flower cake is so sweet!!
    I love the description of your date. Were you sitting in the back seat together holding hands awkwardly, while your dad checked up on you in the rearview mirror and tried to keep a conversation going? No? Well, that’s what I’m picturing. 🙂

  3. Let me know when you’ve figured out that balance thing. Then I’ll give you a unicycle.


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