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Not-knitting catch up


I’ve been receiving requests to see the new floor.  Here it is, in an empty room (with a strangely sad looking Vorlon):

Here it is, with new furniture:

Ok, not the best picture, and it doesn’t put the floor to best advantage, but you get the idea.

The jury’s still out on the furniture.  It’s super comfy, but I think it’s a little large for the space.  That could just be the fact that it was very spartan in there for over a month, so this is a big contrast.  We still need to paint.  That should be an adventure.  My dad (Thanks, Dad!) helped me paint the red accent wall.  Three coats of a colour that was fairly close to the colour that was already there, and still I think it needs another coat.  Crazy.  The rest will be done in nice, light colours, so hopefully two coats will do.

The garden, you ask?  The squirrels are really enjoying it.  Or it could be the bunnies.  Or both. Anyway, my beans are pathetic, my carrot tops are all down to little nubs, and the radishes all had claw marks in them (I ate them anyway).

That’s the bed with the squash, beans and corn.  (There’s some garlic you can see in the lower right corner).  Something’s eating holes in the beans.  The corn is also getting nibbled on and the squash would probably be getting nibbled on too, if it had actually germinated.  Even the sweet peas are all holey and weird.  Not the best crop this year, I’m afraid.

See?  Lots of nice bushy radishes (a week later, they were decimated) near the top.  There are some carrots there, trust me.  And one of the fennel plants got eaten up.  I think I’m just going to throw a bunch of annual flowers in there for this year and call it a day.  However:

Those are my tomatoes and basil.  They seem to be doing well.  They’re getting lots of sun, and either the critters haven’t found them yet, or tomatoes are just not that interesting until the fruit is out.  They’re not EarthTainers as I had originally intended (I mentioned those a few posts back).  I wasn’t able to find all the parts I needed, so I just drilled holes in the bottom of the Rubbermaid bins for drainage and treated them like regular containers.  I have Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, and some kind of Delicious tomato.  I’m looking forward to my crop.  It’s all I have left!

Also of note: The saskatoons are slowly ripening.  And the smell of the Mock Orange next to my front door makes me happy every time I go by. Ecogrrl is back in town!  Zebula did a fine job at her end of year piano recital (as did all the other students), and Vorlon is finished with Preschool.  There are four days of grade 1 left for Zebula and the weather is finally gorgeous.  Happy summer solstice!

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2 thoughts on “Not-knitting catch up

  1. The floor and furniture look fantastic! Very grown-up! Can’t wait until we lose the student-ish furniture in our place (in another 5 years or so!).

  2. Your furniture arrived!
    Also, re tomatoes, I think the critters leave them alone because the plants belong to the deadly nightshade family … but they will eat the fruit. They leave potatoes alone too. (This could be totally inaccurate info, by the way. Rumour has it …).

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