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Knitting catch-up


After my last post, Dr. Thingo mentioned something he’d read in one of the blogs he subscribes to.  The author claims there are three kinds of blog posts. The “Hello!  This is my blog!” post, the “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while” post, and pictures of the blogger’s cat.  My last post was the second type, apparently.  This one too.

I haven’t really been all that productive with the knitting.  It seems like I’ve been working on socks forever.  I finally stabilized the neckline of the No-Gap Wrap (there’s a picture here.  Scroll down a little).  I didn’t manage to take any pictures of myself in it that didn’t suck.  The neckline, though it was great when I first put the sweater on that morning, continued to grow throughout the day.  I’m hoping that washing it helped that.  Though last time I washed it, I hung it up outside, and then it poured rain, so it’s all stretched out of proportion.  I have to re-block it.  Then we’ll see if that neck stretching was permanent.

Aside:  Is Environment Canada having its summer interns make the weather predictions lately??  Sheesh!  That day that I hung the load of laundry I was talking about, the prediction was for a sunny day around 20 degrees with no mention of rain.  Turns out it poured for over three hours.  The whole week was out of whack like that.

I worked on a great project for Spinrite.  Some socks:

They look like tasty desserts all lined up like that.  I really enjoyed working on these, mostly because there was no way to tell from looking at the ball what the striping was going to look like.  Excuse me while I indulge in lots and lots of unnecessary pictures:

Would you have been able to guess how they were going to turn out??  If only I could remember what the yarn was.

I had started making a sock from the sock blank I dyed for myself with the kids last fall.  I really don’t like the way it knits up very much.  Plus, the pattern I was using totally didn’t work, so I’m going to unravel it.  And I would have taken a picture of it to show you, but I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember where I put it and couldn’t find it in the usual places, which is a good indicator of the way things are looking around here.  I’m thinking of making them into this.  They may still be kind of ugly, but the pattern looks really interesting to work up.

I’ve also been working exclusively on some gift socks for the past two weeks:

(Those are representatives of two different pairs, of course.  I’m not that mean.)  The yarn is Meilenweit Mega Boots.  I love the long colour changes.  Plain sock pattern.  And at 9 st/in, they’re a bit of a slog to work through.  And I’m not very good at knitting exclusively on one project at a time, so of course I’m seeing all kinds of patterns I’d rather be starting.  But I’m almost done (one pair done and almost half of another).

Oh, and this:

Isn’t it hideous?  It’s too bad, because the pattern is kind of neat. It’s the Cushion Conglomeration Caper, by Ashforth/Plummer.  It’s all garter stitch geometrical shapes based on one square (you can see it in the upper left).  You start by making that square, using whatever yarn you want, and then using the number of stitches you get on the diagonal of that square as your basis, you make the rest of the shapes.  The yarn is this assortment of stuff left over from a zillion previous projects, or just random stash, cut up into approximately 1 metre lengths for another long-abandoned project.  It might yet become a cushion and live downstairs where hardly anybody will ever see it.  Or a doll blanket for Zebula.  Or I’ll make it bigger, felt it a little, and donate it to a pet shelter for them to use as a doggie blanket.   Something.

And that’s it.  I feel something big coming on next.  Like this (for me).  Or maybe this (for Zebula.  I don’t know that I would look very good in this kind of thing.).  Or this (for… Somebody.  I probably can’t pull this off either, but, pretty!)

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2 thoughts on “Knitting catch-up

  1. I actually think that dog blanket thingy looks pretty cool.

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