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and should probably be doing something else.

It’s spring!


Yesterday was amazingly beautiful!  I woke up early, went to the Farmer’s market (by bus.  Much better than going by car – you don’t have to deal with the ridiculously inadequate parking lot that way), had apple fritters while there, came home, hung up some laundry, did some yard work, had lunch, sat in the sun knitting and drinking beer, hung out, went out for sushi with some friends for dinner, ate to the point of discomfort (ok, that last part was great up to the discomfort part).  All while wearing just jeans and a t-shirt for most of it.  No socks!  No coats!  No hats (well, a sunhat for some of it)!

I love weather like yesterday.  The high was 21 Celsius.  The whole summer would be like that, if I ruled the world.

I’m a little weather-giddy.  Today is cooler (high of about 12) and windy, but still sunny, and tomorrow will be about as warm, but rainy.  I’m glad about the rain, actually, because the garden is very dry.

Another thing that happened yesterday is that Zebula got holes poked into her ears.  She took it very well, and claims today that it doesn’t hurt anymore.

She looks so grown up it makes me a little sad.  It’s not just the earrings.  Yesterday we went shopping for clothes for her, and she’s almost outgrown the local (ie. that I can walk to) kids’ store.

I am *this* close to having finished the No-Gap Wrap.  Looking back in my posts, I see that I didn’t mention this one at all!  That’s what happens when I post this sporadically, I guess.  I started it in early March out of Sublime Soya Cotton DK.  I got most of the way through the body and saw that it suffers from the same problem most sweaters built for ‘big girls’ do.  The shoulders are ridiculously far apart.  You can even see it in a lot of photos – the shoulders in a cap-sleeved sweater falling off the model’s shoulder.  Which is all silly, because most people’s shoulders are about the same distance apart (with some variation for people like swimmers, people who have bigger frames, etc.).  It doesn’t follow that if a person is carrying some extra pounds, their shoulder bones suddenly spread farther apart.    Anyway, I took an inch off either side by making the armholes a little deeper, and it helped.  The back neckline is lace, and so it’s a little loose.  I’m going to stabilize it with some single crochet to see if it firms it up a little.  Also, the sleeves are really long.  I’m going to recheck the gauge (sure, now that it’s all done…  For the record, I did do a gauge swatch and everything was hunky-dory).

Here’s the front yard as of today:

See that red in the periwinkle?  That’s a tulip!

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

2 thoughts on “It’s spring!

  1. I like your weekly yard update posts. It already looks springier!!!

  2. “It doesn’t follow that if a person is carrying some extra pounds, their shoulder bones suddenly spread farther apart.”

    Well, duh. It’s not for girls with a few extra pounds. It’s for *big boned girls*!!! Silly Nath 😉

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