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Wasn’t this blog supposed to be about your knitting?

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Why, yes!

Sorry about last week.  I’m back to normal, I think.  Though I did catch whatever Vorlon had last week and spent a very, er, purgative night last Thursday.  Zebula and Dr. Thingo got it too, and now we’re all better.  And hungry.

So what about the knitting, you ask.  How about this:

This is a capelet I made for Spinrite.  I mentioned it in the last post, I think.  The yarn was amazing!  I think I said it was an alpaca bamboo blend.  But no!  It was, in fact, an angora bamboo blend.  So soft!  It feels wonderful, but sheds like crazy.  I liked the cable pattern a lot, but the overall piece is kind of strange looking. The size was XS/S, so I couldn’t really try it on to see what it looked like.  I’m guessing the disproportionately large-looking sleeves look better hanging as they should than sprawled on the floor.  I’ll see if I can find the publicity shot for this one in a few months, because I’m curious.  Anyway, this one was fun to work up.

Cable close-up:

Speaking of angora, I only just found out what angora bunnies look like.  They’re like pillows with noses!  I can’t decide if that’s super cute, scary, cruel or just weird.  But their fur is amazing!

Also, I know I mentioned before that I went to Shall We Knit on the day after my birthday.  I really love that place.  They let me wander around petting the wool for an hour, undisturbed, which was just what I needed that day.  Plus, the owner remembered my name, even though I hadn’t come around in about a month or two.  So nice!  I came away with a drop spindle and some brown sheep hair.  I like the spindle very much – low overhead, and fairly quick results.  Plus, you can make super thin yarn without worrying about breakage – the spindle is fairly light and exerts way less force on the yarn than the tension on my spinning wheel does.  Also, the spindle spins very quickly, so I can impart a lot of twist with relatively low effort.  Way easier than trying to treadle like mad to get enough twist in the yarn.

The mini-skeins are my efforts so far.  Sorry about the picture, but the light isn’t very good (really, could we have a little sunshine, please?  It’s been forever!).  The one on the far left is my first attempt.  Very lumpy and uneven.  The middle one is the second attempt.  Much, much better, and the yarn is much finer than anything I’ve done on my wheel.  The pink one on the right was an attempt at making thick singles, which, as you can see, is harder than I expected.  I think I’ll try that on my wheel instead.  Anyone know what to do with two metres of super chunky yarn?

I haven’t forsaken my wheel.  I have, in fact, finished all the Lorna’s Laces roving (except for what I used to make the super chunky pink stuff with my spindle):

That’s about 470 metres (and about 200 grams) of handspun yarny goodness.   I’m very happy with it!  I think at that yardage, it’s more of a sport weight than the fingering weight I thought it was.  Now I have to find a good pattern for it.

Pr0n shot:

Oh, and I learned Andean Plying, which you can use to turn one singles into a two-ply.  It’s a neat technique where you wind the singles around your wrist in a certain way, join the two ends, and start plying, and the yarn magically feeds off your wrist, without cutting your hand off, garotte-style.  I used it to ply the stuff on my spindle, and I gave it a shot on the wheel as well.  I like it better than plying from two bobbins.  And it has the added advantage that you never have that problem where, when you ply from two bobbins, they’re never exactly the same length no matter how hard you try, so one bobbin is always left with a small amount of singles left on it.

Last, here’s a picture of my baby at her first piano recital.  She played Jingle Bells and did herself proud.  All the other students did a fabulous job as well!

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