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It’s dawk out…

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… dat means it’s nighttime.

So sayeth (saith?) Vorlon, quoting from Blue’s Clues.

Yep, when I went out for my run this morning at 7:15 or so, it was still dark. Which makes the motivation to go out kind of weak. On the plus side, I got to see the sunrise from the indoor track at the Rec Centre.

Last week, the world looked like this outside my house:

This week, all those leaves are gone, and the world is starting to look pretty dreary. Though it’s not there yet. There are still a lot of leaves on some trees. But November’s coming. And November is pretty much a writeoff, weather-wise. Really, if my birthday weren’t in it, it would be a total wash.

But I digress. I’ve made stuff. I haven’t finished anything. Zebula’s hat is still languishing in my purse, because I’m all enamoured with my Yosemite. It’s coming along quite nicely, and I think it’ll be a good size – skimming but not clingy. I’ve added 2″ of short rows in the bust area, so it should sit pretty well. One snag. I have about 1/4 of the yarn left that I need to finish. It never occurred to me that since the sweater I unraveled to make this one was shorter, I would need more yarn (duh), and in my defense, I did think I had an extra ball. However I didn’t, and ordered extra this morning. I hope the dye lots aren’t too jarringly different.

I’ve been spinning, as I mentioned. I plied some spare bobbins. I now have about 84m of 3-ply that I made from a roving I bought about 8 years ago. Some of it had been turned into a hat for Zebula (then Vorlon used it, and then it got passed on to a friend’s friend’s baby). I still had some left. Now with this stuff, I should have enough to make something like kids’ mittens.

I have also been working on this:

I love it! I started this bobbin about a year ago. I finished it off last weekend, and have done about half of another bobbin since. This will be plied into something that is probably sport weight. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing orange or pink individually, let alone together. I’ve grown!

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