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and should probably be doing something else.

Well, now, that’s unsettling…

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Google decided recently to make available a snapshot of the web from some day in 2001.  You can search through it and see how things have changed.  So of course I googled myself on there to see what came up.  No surprises.  Then for kicks I decided to google myself in the current Google.  This is one of the top hits.  Huh.  That’s not me!  Strange to see, as pretty much every time I have seen my name printed out, it pertained to me.  So it’s a little unsettling to see RIP right after.  I always thought I had this crazy unique name, what with it being half French, half Lebanese.  But no.  We’re all over!  That hit was third, after my facebook entry and the entry for some academic’s paper (See, I’m dead AND smart!)

Incidentally?  I hate that song.


Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

One thought on “Well, now, that’s unsettling…

  1. i did the same thing, just because you did. it’s terrific! i’m the voice of optimus prime!

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