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It’s a beautiful day out!  I know my last post started with ‘it’s getting cold’.  Well, now it’s sunny and 25 degrees.  October in Ontario…  I’m feeling kind of sheepish about having taken all the winter stuff out of storage though we’ll need it again soon I’m sure.

I didn’t manage to make a second pair of mittens for Zebula.  There’s not enough yarn for that.  So I’m about halfway through making her a hat instead. I’m actually kind of glad, cause I was good and sick of making mittens.

I completely frogged a sweater on Tuesday:

This pile of ramen noodle-looking yarn is my former Bombshell (Ravelry link, sorry).  I’d made it last winter, and it just never fit right.  I wore it once, spent all my time hiking it up, and got sick of it.  I have decided to make Yosemite instead, so I just unravelled the whole thing, skeined and washed the yarn, and rewound it into balls (much to the delight of my children who think winding balls of yarn is the best entertainment, ever).  The yarn is Knitpicks Shine Worsted (cotton and Modal).  I read the notes and errata in the Ravelry entry for the sweater, and cast on for a Medium, since it said that you should go down a size from what you think you’ll need from your measurements.  If you know me, you know that I’m pretty far removed from being a size Medium.  Anyway, I got about six inches in, found I’d made a mistake and took the knitting off the needles to rip it back a few rows.  Tried it on for kicks and realized it was way too big.  So I unraveled the whole thing and have cast on for a Small.  Crazy.  Anyway, it’s coming along nicely.

Aside:  Am I the only person who can’t see the word Yosemite without thinking “Yo, Semite!”?  Maybe it’s just me…

I’ve started spinning again!  During lost moments (read: when I’m waiting for Vorlon to finish in the bathroom, a sometimes lengthy process).  I was surprised to find the current singles on the bobbin hasn’t been devoured by moths, so I decided to keep going.  We’ll see what comes of it.

This holiday weekend is shaping up nicely.  We all slept in a little this morning, and I made crêpes for breakfast.  We’ve been doing some yard work and odd jobs and just relaxing.  I’m singing a concert tonight (come listen!).  My brother and his family were going to come visit, but bailed in the end so that they could just have a restful holiday.  So no big feast.  We’re having a couple friends over for dinner tomorrow, and Monday will be just us.  Oh, and due to a miscommunication between me and Dr. Thingo when I sent him to get the veggies from the local buyers’s club yesterday, I have ten (ten!) squashes to deal with.  And I also have a (planned) box of McIntosh apples to turn to applesauce.  So maybe I’ll spend Monday dealing with those, which seems a fitting way to spend Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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