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It’s getting cold out there! I bring you mittens.

Here are Vorlon’s mittens. I think I showed you the plain ones in a previous post. He prefers the patterned ones, and wears them outside all the time:

And I’ve finished a pair for Zebula, complete with the requested hearts on them (where I got this girly-girl from, I have no idea):

I have started her second pair. Same yarn (Dalegarn Baby Ull. Did I mention that’s what I was using? It’s the same for Vorlon’s mittens). I easily got two pairs out of Vorlon’s two balls of yarn, and I think I can squeeze two pairs out of Zebula’s. Anyway, she wanted snowflakes on the second pair. I found a small pattern I liked on the web, and tried a couple different approaches to make it fit. I think I’ve hit on the winner, so I should have this pair done by midweek, and then I don’t have to think about mittens again for a while.

We had a few sets of visitors over the last few days: C and Dr. C from Seattle on Wednesday and Thursday night. It was nice to see them, and they were very good sports about my apparently attention-deprived children requesting stories to be read to them every time they sat down. We hadn’t seen since we went to Seattle for their wedding two years ago. I knew that Dr. C was a knitter, but hadn’t really seen her knit much when we were in Seattle. However, while here, she was in full-on vacation mode and knit every time she sat down and wasn’t either eating dinner, or reading stories to the kids. She was working on an enormous baby blanket. We went to the St-Jacob’s market, and found the Shall We Knit booth, where she bought more yarn for a pair of mittens (yeah, it’s all we do around here) so that she’d have something smaller to work on. I gave her a set of DPNs, since I never use them anymore, and she cast on that afternoon. She had never done DPNs before, and so she was all frustrated, but got the hang of it toward the end.

Speaking of the Market – I’m going on Thursdays from now on! It was great! No crowds! I bought a pile of completely unnecessary cinnamon buns for everybody. So delicious!

Then my parents came yesterday to hang out, for more than 24 hours this time! But I was not much fun to be around because I was felled by a head cold that hit me sometime Friday. It’s moving to my chest, so I’m feeling much less cruddy, but sounding a lot worse. Which is all kind of sucky because I have a concert to sing next Saturday. Bleh.

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