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Totally worth it

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“And now for the sauce.  The final reduction.  Hours upon hours of simmering, stirring and straining, and it all comes down to this moment.  This precious fluid.  This elixir of beef.  One false step by one ignorant, ham-fisted, boneheaded cluck, and, toodle-oo, 40 cows down the toilet.”

Adam, Northern Exposure

Replace beef with tomatoes, and you get this:

Ok, so it’s really not hard to do, even though I like to think I’m neither ham-fisted nor boneheaded, and it was more like 40 tomatoes.  But that’s what I ended up with.  A large pile of tomatoes, about 4 hours of simmering.  Less than one cup of tomato paste.  Six ice cubes worth.  I wanted to use up all the rest of the tomatoes that were sitting on (and spilling off of) my south-facing windowsill.  I’d rescued what tomatoes I could from my doomed harvest, and decided to use them all up.  Next time, if I really decide that this tomato paste changes my culinary life, I’ll use way more tomatoes, cause it seems like an awful waste of energy for six ice cubes of tomato paste.

Anyway, yes, my tomato harvest is officially over.  It was very rainy a few weeks ago, and the vines started to just rot.  The tomatoes all started to fall off the vine even while still green.  Or to get all mouldy while still on the vine.  Or get all splotchy.  I managed to save some, but a large part of my harvest is on the ground of the tomato bed in various stages of decay.  It looks kinda sad, because I took out all the vines.  I’ll rake leaves over the whole thing to hide the evidence until next spring.

And the tomatillo plants that weren’t making fruit at all?  Well, they finally are.  I suspect they will be pea-sized by the time the first killing frost comes along.  Right.  Start these way earlier next year.  Oh, and my friend S, who knows way more about all this gardening stuff than I do (OK, pretty much everybody knows more about gardening than I do) tells me to cut off the suckers from the tomato plants – much less likely to topple over under its own weight, and more energy devoted to making delicious fruit.  Duly noted.

I finished the BSJ for my nephew.  I’m so proud – it’s all made from stash yarn.  I just need buttons.  Where does one get buttons around here now that Cloth and Clay is closed?  Len’s Mill?  Online?  Does Shall We Knit have any?  I’d forgotten how much fun these are to make.  I might have to dig out more stash and make another one.

And, I nearly forgot. I finished that circular afghan for Spinrite.  It worked up fast, but it still just looks like a messy, thick tablecloth.  I did enjoy the scalloped edging, though.  I hadn’t done that one before.

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  1. Wow. I’ll bet your ice-cube paste will taste way better than canned. But still …

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