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I have been wearing socks this week, as the weather is cold. Well, it’s cold in the morning. Yesterday afternoon was glorious. But I digress. I’ve worn nothing but handknit socks all week. They’re really nice. This morning, I put on socks I bought I Reitmans, and they’re not nearly as comfy. Guess I’ll have to make more.

Speaking of socks, I finished the Socks That Rock ones (thanks, Saffity!):

They’re very pretty and incredibly soft. I think I mentioned in a previous post that these are plain socks, using my internalized pattern. This was false – I actually used a variation of Cat Bordhi’s Upstream pattern (Ravelry link, sorry), only instead of putting the gusset increases in the centre of the instep, I put them immediate next to the sole. Looks nice, and they fit well too. However, due to my chronic inability to take notes, the second sock is a very slightly different circumference than the first sock, but only in the leg, and I can’t be bothered to rip down and start over. They fit well enough.

On to mittens for the kids. It’s getting chilly out there!

Author: nathknits

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2 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. They’re absolutely gorgeous! Will you be at the Knitter’s Fair tomorrow wearing them? I still have to finish my second sock in that yarn, I look forward to wearing mine!

  2. I could! Do you want what’s left for your afghan?

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