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1.  My bike shoe got stuck to my pedal yesterday.  This put me in the awkward situation at the bike rack of my local grocery store of actually having to take my shoe off to get off my bike (with Vorlon asking what I was doing about a zillion times).  If you are curious, one of the screws fell off the cleat of my left shoe, making it all loose, so I couldn’t twist it to take it out of the pedal.  I ended up taking the shoe off, as I mentioned, and then turning it around and around so as to unscrew the second screw.  I then put the shoe back on, leaving the cleat in the pedal, and ran my errands, biked home, looked for the original pedals for my bike and found only one (not helpful), had lunch, biked Vorlon rather awkwardly to preschool, then went to the bike store.

I’ve been meaning to change the pedals on my bike for about 6 years now.  Since most of my biking now is errand- and shuttling-children-to-activities-related, I didn’t really need the bike shoes.  So when I went to my local repair shop, I was prepared to get regular pedals (possibly with toe clips, since I like to be able to pull on the pedals as well as push, especially for long distances) and give up on the bike shoes until I find the suitcase full of money in the attic and get myself a road bike for long distances.  Turns out they didn’t have any.  But they did have a kind of hybrid.  On one side, they are flat, like regular pedals.  On the other side, they have the doodads to clip your shoes into.  Everybody wins!  It took them all of five minutes to install the new pedals and the new cleats.  Now I can wear my stylin’ shoes to bike.  And my bike shoes if I ever go riding again.  This makes me ridiculously happy.

2. Yesterday was the first meeting of the Knitters’ Guild for the ’08-’09 season. (see?  September really is where the New Year should begin)  I’ve been going for about four or five years.  Every meeting, there is a raffle.  You pay $1 for three ballots, and they use the ballot money from the previous meeting to buy neat stuff to raffle off at the next meeting.  I have never won.  I enter every month, and never win anything.  Well, I won yesterday!   A nice ball of sock yarn, which will make socks for Dr. Thingo to placate him about me getting yet more yarn.

3. I cleaned out the fridge today.  I don’t know why I leave it so long.  By the time I get around to it, the veggies in the very bottom of the crisper are making their own primordial ooze and there’s brown sticky sludge from spilled stuff at the very back of the shelves.  I’m proud both because I threw very little out, and because now the fridge is so clean, it looks like it belongs to my mom.  Give it a day…

4. I finished Brother-of-Thingo’s sweater!  And I love it!  The pocket finally worked itself out, and I redid the button band/hood border both because I didn’t like the way it flared out and because the buttonholes weren’t vertically centred. Now it’s worth giving away.

5. The Large Hadron Collider got fired up last night, and, as expected, the universe didn’t collapse in on itself.  According to Dr. Thingo, some of the scientists involved have been getting death threats from people who believe this is going to be the end of existence.  Which I think is pretty funny, since if what they fear is true, they don’t need to kill anybody, since the LHC is going to do it for them.

6. I’m a little discombobulated because the playgroup that I have been going to every single Wednesday, save for maybe 10 times, since Zebula was 5 months old has moved to Thursday.  My week is all thrown off.

7. I took up running about six weeks ago.  I need to lose weight.  I have a fairly active lifestyle, and I don’t eat too much junk food, but apparently it’s not enough.  Since the simple formula (input < output) indicates that maybe I should burn a few more calories and running is the best bang for your buck time-wise, that’s what I decided to do.  I googled “running for beginners”, and found a 10-week plan that gets you from running 2 minutes, then walking 2 minutes five times (which felt like my lungs were going to collapse) to running for 30 minutes.  I’m currently on week 6 (running 8 minutes, walking 3 minutes three times).  However, five and a half weeks later, I haven’t lost any weight, nor do my jeans feel any looser.  Sheesh.  Mind you, while it’s still not my favourite, it’s not torture anymore, and I like being outside alone in the park at 7:15 in the morning.

Whew, that was long!  Time to make a school lunch.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

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