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Writer’s note:  I meant to post this a week ago.  And then I forgot to hit Publish.  So here it is.

Happy new year! (You know that this is the real new year, right? It certainly feels that way.)

I now have a first-grader. She went off to school yesterday with no fuss. It seems so grown up, somehow. She was totally wiped at the end of the day, and then after about 45 minutes of resting, ran around the house like a maniac until bedtime. I guess it’s mentally tiring, but not so much physically anymore.

Vorlon doesn’t start preschool until Monday, so he’s been hangin’ with me. It’s been nice, actually. Yesterday, I ran a bunch of errands and did a lot of preschool-related work, and he tagged along and was very cooperative. Today, I’ve been cleaning (’bout time, too), and he’s been very happily playing by himself, with the occasional story reading and bathroom break.

I haven’t knit anything for two days.

I know. Crazy. But I’ve been busy gearing up to the start of preschool. I’m on the board as Membership Officer, so this time of year is very busy. And also, my hands are still sore, so I’ve made a conscious effort not to aggravate things. I hope it’s not the start of rheumatism or something equally unpleasant. I really do think it’s just too much working on Brother of Thingo’s sweater at one time. I’m doing the front pocket, and I’ve started over a bunch of times, and I have the whole weight of the sweater to deal with, so I think I just strained my hands. But, I have gone on Ravelry to check what kinds of other pockets people have done, so I think I’m ready to tackle it again.

I’m going to go join Vorlon in the backyard with a glass of fizzy water and my knitting and listen to the cicadas while they’re still around.

Oh, and choir starts again today. Yay!

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

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