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That’s four dozen ears of corn (minus one.  I managed to miscount when I filled my boxes during the pick-up.  I hope somebody got to eat the extra)  It doesn’t seem like a lot in the picture.  I processed all that on Friday night by shucking them, then blanching them about five at a time, giving them an icebath, and stripping the kernels off.  It took less time than expected, and now I have frozen corn for the rest of the year.  It would all have been fine, except that I hate shucking corn.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because the cornsilk gets everywhere?  But, yeah, not my favourite.  That, peeling potatoes, and making salad.  I don’t mind any other cooking prep work, but those three make me crazy.  I have no rational explanation.  Anyway.  Now I have corn.  And we’ve been eating the other dozen slowly, in the form of corn on the cob and corn fritters.  I have a few left.  Corn chowder, maybe?

And socks, but I don’t get to keep them:

I love them!  I told Dr. Thingo last night that I’m sad this project is done, because I really loved working on it.

I loved seeing how the yarn subtly changed as I worked.  There are no repeats, as far as I can tell, or the pattern is just way longer than the length of these socks, I guess because it’s the plies that are changing, rather than the yarn.  They’re lovely.  I hate to give them away.  Well, not too much – it’s seven mismatched socks that are too small for me and too big for my kids.  Still.

This is Zebula’s favourite (’cause it’s pink and purple, natch!)  I just couldn’t get the camera to capture the loveliness.  But it still looks nice.

Oh, and the yarn is called Kroy Colour FX.  I don’t know if I’ve just publicly outed something that’s supposed to be a secret.  But I figure any publicity is good publicity, especially if it’s free.  Dr. Thingo thinks I’m crazy for waxing rhapsodic about this yarn at every opportunity.  But, damn it, it’s pretty!

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5 thoughts on “Corn-ucopia

  1. I love shucking corn, it is a mark of summer for me. Next year we should get together to do a big corn processing, I’ll shuck 96 ears of corn if you want.

  2. All right! Next year, I’ll look after your baby and you can shuck my corn!

  3. Wow, those socks are gorgeous! I love the way the yarn changes colour so subtly. The socks look so pretty together, I’m not surprised it was hard to part with them. (Although, yeah…seven mismatched socks…)

  4. In the mid 1950’s, as my family was preparing to emmigrate form England to Canads, my Mum decided she’d better find out a bit about what folks ate over there. Remember, this was pre-internet. She read about sweet corn – corn on the cob – being a much beloved food of the New World. Cornstarch, she’d heard of. but the raw ingredient?? Never seen it! So, she had the village greengrocer speical order some. It took about 6 weeks to come in. He gave her complete cooking instructions – how to husk, get rid of the silk, boil 20 minutes till tender (Sacrilidge, but ALL veggies were overcooked in England in the 1950’s!)

    Well, she boiled that stiff. 20 minutes – still hard. One hour – still hard. Couldn’t get a fork into it nohow. She finally gave up after 2 hours and threw it on the plates. One of my brothers took a bite and wailed “If this is what they eat in Canada, I don’t wanna go!!!!!” The greengrocer had neglected to say (or – more likely – didn’t know) that the cob wasn’t supposed to get tender, and wasn’t to be eaten.

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