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Bug math


For those summer days when you have a watch, no thermometer and a pressing need to find out the air temperature:

Count the number of cricket chirps in a minute. This number is n. Apply the following formula:

((n-40)/4) + 50

This gives, to a pretty close margin, the temperature in Fahrenheit. Or, you can apply:

((n+32)/4) * 5/9

To get the temperature in Celcius (if my algebra skills haven’t rusted too badly).

See?  Math is fun! (The formula in Fahrenheit was taken from Man Eating Bugs by Peter Menzel and Faith d’Aluisio)  This has no relevance to anything.  Just thought it was neat.  From bugs to yarn:

Spinrite sent me a bag of pretty yarns.  Seven balls of new Kroy sock yarn, each in a different colour, to be made up into mini-socks.  Well, not so mini.  They’d probably fit a 10-year-old.  But I love this stuff.  It’s a four-ply, and each ply slowly changes colour, so the changes are very subtle and gradual.  As soon as I find out what they’re going to call this stuff, and it becomes public, I’m going to get some!  I’ve made four and a half out of seven socks so far, and I love it.  At 48 stitches around, I can crank one of these out in about three hours, so instant gratification.

In the sewing department, I made a piece on commission for ecogrrl, who wanted it as a thank you gift for somebody in Ghana who was extra-good to her.  She wanted the same kind of bad that I had made during the long weekend in May:

The one on the left is the one I made for her, and the original is on the right.  There were so many mistakes in the new, that I felt bad giving it to ecogrrl to give to her friend, so I sent the original as well (with clevermonkey, who flew up on Friday to spend three weeks with ecogrrl and have a nice, African vacation.  Have fun, guys!) and told her she could pick the one she liked best and send the other one back with clevermonkey when he returns.  There are pros and cons to both, though I think overall the original wins.  The new one has stiffer interfacing, so it stands up on its own better, so I decided it didn’t need the snap at the top.  The old one just has a better sewing job – I made a big pile of mistakes with the new one and the plum trim.  The colours in the new one are nicer, but the ones on the old one are cuter.  Anyway, I’ll let ecogrrl decide.  I haven’t heard from her either way which she likes best yet.  For next time:  make my own bias binding.  The bought stuff is either just too narrow, or way too wide.

On the gardening front:  I have a bazillion tomatoes on the vine, just waiting to all ripen at exactly the same time so that I’ll be neck-deep in tomato canning in about two weeks.  And I seem to remember ordering a half-bushel of roma tomatoes from my CSA, which should be coming in any minute now.  I’ve frozen piles of peaches and blueberries and I’m considering buying lots and lots of corn on the cob to freeze too.  I love this time of year!


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2 thoughts on “Bug math

  1. The colours in the new Kroy remind me of Trekking. Besides the colours is is similar in weight and feel to Kroy?

  2. Yes, it’s the same weight, I would guess. It feels nice to work with. I really like it!

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