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The sweater made from Phildar Détente, purchased during my French vacation, is finished.  Here it is, modeled by Zebula (with Vorlon hovering in the background):

I love how this turned out!  I’m always a little disappointed with sweaters that I make for myself, probably because I’m hyper-critical of my own appearance like anybody else, but this one looks adorable!  I uncharacteristically went through the extra step of steam blocking it, which relaxed the yarn, and got rid of what little curl there was at the bottom of the body pieces.  Zebula loves it, but I do feel bad for making her put it on for the photo shoot in this muggy heat, if only for five minutes.

The pattern was very clear and well-written.  I’m looking forward to starting the sweater for Vorlon.

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

4 thoughts on “Fini!

  1. That’s awesome! I have no sense for how kids grow–will this still be good in the winter?

  2. I totally love this sweater. It makes me look forward to winter. Almost.

    Reminds me. Every one of my sweaters have holes in ’em. Time to find those sweater sales before the cold weather sets in.

    How Canadian. Planning for winter in July.

  3. Dan: It should still be good in the winter (or the fall – it’s cotton). The growth rate has slowed down considerably, which is good, since at the rate they start, they’d probably weigh a few tonnes by adulthood.

  4. Cool. Supercute. (It also looked great on my new phone. Oy.)

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