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I made bread today (Yeasted Dill Bread from Simply in Season.  Very yummy).  This in itself is unremarkable.  What is remarkable, however, was the baking method.  It’s kinda hot today, in my part of the world, and on hot days like this, I don’t like to turn on the oven.  Or the stove, for that matter.  It makes the house that much hotter.  But I really wanted to make the bread.  What to do?  Make it in the barbecue, of course!  I have a gas barbecue, and so I heated it up, then turned off one of the burners and put the bread on the side that didn’t have a flame.  Poof!  Outdoor oven!  Turned out beautifully.

I can’t take credit for the idea, though.  The seed was planted by my neighbour who told me last year that she’d made pizza on the grill.  It’s the same idea – heat up the ‘cue, turn off one of the burners, put the rolled-out dough (no toppings) right on the grill (this works better if you have a peel).  Flip it over after a couple minutes, load it up with toppings, close the lid, come back in 10 minutes, and you have fabulous grilled pizza.

Anyway, this opens up whole new vistas of summer eating.  It’s going to be another scorcher tomorrow.  What next?  Barbecued cookies?

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6 thoughts on “Bread-b-cue

  1. *chuckles* My food magazine just arrived; the front cover says, “How to use your grill like an oven”. *smile*

  2. Hah! I am a woman ahead of my time. Well, ahead of your magazine, anyway.

  3. Indirect heating is the secret to a huge range of outdoor cooking on the BBQ! I think you might be able to make more dishes with the fire/heat off to the side than in the “traditional” direct heat method.

    Of course, the true BBQ masters already know this, but I came late to this realization, myself.

    I’m going to try a pulled-pork shoulder this weekend, I think. Indirect heat, naturally.

  4. How do you do that in a kettle? Pile all the coals on one side and use the other side for your food?

    Pulled pork and ribs in one weekend! Yum!

  5. Ok, I admit it. I’ve used the BBQ to cook flakey rolls. The oven wasn’t working, we wanted rolls. out comes the BBQ.

    Worked well! 🙂

  6. Sounds yummy way to bake. I have a grilled pizza recipe – basically what you said but never tried bread.

    I guess that is what I get for using a bread maker.

    I am with you for not turning on the oven.

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