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Never again…

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I finished the accursed Kureyon Socks:

I finished them today, after working on them while I was on the beach in Inverhuron.  I even made myself stay up late yesterday, nodding off, to finish the knitting.  I tucked the ends in after we got home today.  Done.  I’m never working with this yarn again.  Let’s put things into perspective:

Kureyon Sock Yarn Pros:  It comes in absolutely gorgeous colourways

Kureyon Sock Yarn Cons:  It’s a one ply, so it’s always twisting on itself.  It felts in the ball.  There are often knots, and the colourway doesn’t necessary continue as it was going, so there are sometimes jarring changes in colour.  It’s thick-and-thin, which gives it lots of character, but makes for crappy socks.

Yeah.  Never again.

And my weekend was wonderful.  We were at my friend Eric‘s cottage in Inverhuron.  Our hosts were lovely, as usual, and it was great to hang out with them (an especial thank you to Leah who was a very good sport about Zebula, who latched on to her and didn’t give her a moment’s peace).  I love this particular spot of the world.  It’s full of good memories, and it’s always nice to add new ones every year.

On top of it all, clevermonkey made the best pig ribs I’ve had in a long time, possibly ever.

After my weekend of sitting in the sand (my feet haven’t been this clean in weeks!) and drinking beer, it’s back to the old grind.  Well, it’s not so bad – the kids are both in preschool camp in the mornings, so it’s one more week of decadence for me!


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