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The neighbours are out of hibernation, it’s hard to run the vacuum cleaner because the dampness makes the carpet all heavy, I have more lettuce and greens than I know what to do with, we’re eating fruit other than apples, and the kids are constantly filthy and covered in bug bites and scrapes.  Yep, it’s summer!

We had our third annual strawberry picking session this morning.  What a haul!  We picked 24 pounds of strawberries (that’s not quite 11 kg) in half an hour.  Crazy!  And we apparently found the section where the giant strawberries grew:

For scale, that’s my hand in the picture.  The strawberries weren’t all like this, but there were a fair number of these monsters.  They are delicious and sweet.  And I managed to deal with all of them in one day!  I have made 5.5 litres of freezer jam, and cut up about 11 litres to freeze.  We ate a lot of them, too.  I will probably get another box or two from the supermarket and my CSA box, but I’m getting to be all strawberried out.

Note for next year:  use the ‘light’ pectin.  I had one package of that left from last year, and bought a pile of regular.  The light stuff allows you to use twice the fruit and 75% of the sugar.   You get a slightly smaller yield per batch, but you use up more fruit, so more of the jam is berries, and less goopy (albeit delicious!) matrix that holds it all together.  It’s all good, but the light pectin is better.  Though I should probably do some research and get some recipes that don’t use any added pectin.

I finished a project for Spinrite:

The yarn a Berroco yarn not yet available to the public, made of cotton and corn fibre.  I liked it!  It’s soft, though since it’s about 10 plies it’s fairly splitty.

I’m making slow progress on the pull for Zebula made from the Phildar I bought in France.

That’s the first sleeve.  I finished the second sleeve last night.  It’s fun to work on, and goes along surprisingly fast, considering it’s worked on 3.0 mm needles.  The colour changes keep my happy, plus it’s such a cheerful colourway it’s hard not to love it.

School’s out for the summer.  Zebula passed SK and will be in grade 1 in the fall (I can hardly believe it).  I’m glad not to have to adhere to any real schedule, though both kiddies will be in day camp starting a week tomorrow.  But it’s nice for now to hang out.  Ask me how I feel about the lack of schedule at the end of July…


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