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So, I’m off to France this afternoon. I’m packed, the house is clean (well, as clean as it ever gets around here), the garbage has been taken out, and the cat-sitters have a house key. I’m not getting picked up for another 4.5 hours, though, so I’m just sort of pacing, looking for something to do. So here I am, blogging.

Sang a pretty good show yesterday. I didn’t think it would fly – it was a comedy show, so the audience will either think we’re trying too hard and politely sit there, waiting for it to end, for the love of god. Or, they’ll actually laugh. And it was the latter! Some lines, which had become kind of commonplace from having been rehearsed over and over got some huge laughs. It was like doing FASS in school, only with way better music and singers. The show was short, which is probably a really good thing for a comedy show, or it’ll turn into a SNL skit, and just keep going long past the point where it stopped being funny, and then you have the first kind of audience again… But we did well! And I know you music snobs out there are pooh-poohing the idea of us doing a novelty/comedy show, but it was a lot of fun to do! It’s nice to lighten things up once in a while!

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot this, I got to knit. On stage. During the show! One of the bits was a ‘choir meeting’ and we were encouraged to bring something to keep us busy. So there! Sanctioned knitting on stage during an actual performance. First and last time, I’m sure.

Unfortunately, I was a little heavy-hearted for the dress rehearsal in the afternoon. I had left, and said goodbye to the kids. They left to go spend the week at grandparents’/uncles’ houses. This is the first time I’ve left them for more than a couple nights, and it actually made me sad. And I didn’t want to make too big a deal of it, so I wouldn’t upset them, but I was surprised at just how sad it made me to leave them for a week. Also, I was worried that Vorlon, who is only three, and probably didn’t realize fully that neither Dr. Thingo nor I would be with him on this trip, would spend the whole six hour drive crying for his mommy. Turns out the fears were totally unfounded. Apparently, they behaved admirably in the car, with a minimum of fuss. Which is a relief.

I’m bringing this as a vacation project:

It’s going to be the Swallowtail shawl. The yarn is Malabrigo Laceweight, purchased at the unfortunate Cloth and Clay closeout. I started it out, since I didn’t want to deal with the fiddly bits with the crocheted start in the airplane (and all my hooks are metal, and I didn’t want the overzealous airport security dudes to have a reason to look through my stuff – note the newly acquired Harmony wood needles, to further put the odds in my favour. Would it be bad if I told the overzealous security dude that I’m more of a threat to the airplane without my needles than with??). I *LOVE* this yarn! Maybe it’s the contrast with the Kureyon sock yarn, but it’s soft, and sproingy, and light, and wonderful. I can’t wait for the plane ride!

Oh, and in gardening news, the mock orange right next to my front door is in full bloom, and the smell coming and going from my house makes me ridiculously happy. It’ll be all done by the time I get back, so I should just go and sit on my front step and inhale deeply until Elbie comes to pick me up for lunch.

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