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Random and Disjointed


1 – I unraveled the Kureyon Socks.  They looked dorky (not the yarn’s fault this time.  All mine.)  So I’ve started over, and they are my size, so far.  Who knows how they’ll end up.  I’m going away this weekend to a friend’s cottage with a bunch of other friends (and no spouse or kids), and I’m still waffling as to whether to bring the socks, or start a new project, because just the thought of these socks makes my blood pressure go up.  Sheesh.  Mind you, knitting while drinking wine might make me not care.

2 – It’s raining.  Which is good for my garden, don’t get me wrong, but not so good for the laundry I hung up.  Because, of course, Environment Canada said the forecast for today was “Sunny.  High 22 degrees.”  The forecast has now been changed to “Showers.  High 22 degrees.”  I wish they’d ascertained that before it started raining.

3 – Yes, I’m going away for a weekend of debauchery with some friends.  Which I feel vaguely guilty about, since I’m leaving my kids next weekend for a week to go gallivanting off to France.  But Dr. Thingo will take care of things just fine in my absence, and, as I told him, this is payback for all those summer conferences he goes to, in particular the two consecutive weeks’ worth he attended while I stayed home with a toddler and a two-month-old three years ago.  I’m vindictive that way.

4 – I’ve been cycling long distances (ok, 15 km at a time, but still) a few times in the last week, and except for the tender butt, it feels good!

I have to go buy some wine.

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

2 thoughts on “Random and Disjointed

  1. I say leave the socks. It sounds like the yarn is not the kind that will be forgiving of tipsy fingers.

  2. Actually, as it turns out, I brought the socks and I’ve almost finished the one I brought. And it looks good. I wasn’t so tipsy when I did work on it (during the afternoon, on the beach, while reading Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles). It looks good! I guess I just needed a vacation. I’ll make a blog post soon.

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