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Knitting and Math. Best Mothers’ Day ever!

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Not only did Zebula give me this kick-ass necklace for Mothers’ Day, but I got to spend the afternoon at a Woolly Thoughts workshop. Pat and Steve, who are the founders, are former maths (yes, with an s. They’re Brits) teachers. They do all kinds of cool things with garter stitch and colours, all modular. These ideas and techniques have been used to teach math and geometry to school-age children, apparently to great success. It’s technically easy, but the results are wonderful. Plus, I got to hear things like “closed Sierpinski Peano curve” in a knitting workshop. I’m full of ideas now, to use up the stash. I already made Zebula a Barbie blanket from the knitting I did in the workshop.

The workshop was hosted by Karen, of Shall We Knit, in a coffeeshop a few doors down from the shop. It was a nice space, and the coffee was good. We got to go to the shop afterwards, which was great a) because I’d never been and b) I could get a copy of the Woolly Thoughts book. The store is fabulous. Just what a yarn shop should be. Big work table in the front, well-arranged and displayed yarns and great book selection. Prices were clearly displayed, and many of the yarns had either swatches, or garments nearby, so that you could see what things looked and felt like. I’m glad it’s there. Though it’s 22 km from my house, so a pretty substantial bike ride, if I want to go that route.

I’m off to go finish my Mini-Clap, and do some more work on the Q socks. Maybe some coffee too.

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