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and should probably be doing something else.

It’s nice out. I think I’ll leave it out.


It was mostly nice today, so I got some gardening done (to continue the gardening I’ve been doing on and off for the past three weeks.  The grass in that patch in the front has been completely removed.  I have since put in one of those black rubber borders so that the garden doesn’t spill over into the neighbours’ driveway.  I have transferred a few of the perennial herbs to the new location (mint, lemon thyme, chives and sage, if you must know).  My trays of seedlings are coming along nicely, and I should be transferring everything over in a week or two when the frost risk is over.

I know this gardening stuff is getting tedious, but I can’t resist.  Look how nice it is outside my house!

Nice, eh!  And it proves pretty conclusively that I didn’t even come close to getting all of the tulips out of the periwinkle.

And a closeup of my favourite tulips:

It’s like they’re painted. I love ’em.  Oh, and my saskatoon is blooming like crazy.

You can see the bare patch on the right where I tore out all the grass.  I’m expecting, since I haven’t covered that nice bare patch of earth, that weeds are going to move in and have a party anytime now.

When did this blog become “Nath Talks About Her Garden”, anyway?

I have been knitting.  I’m making a pair of socks.  It’s the Q pattern from Knitty.  I’m in love.  These are so much fun to make up!  I always forget how cool fair isle can be to do.  And it’s whizzing by.  I just started these on Saturday night, and made most of the leg that evening.  I did modify it a bit.  They’re for a man, and while I think he’ll be ok with the colour scheme (at least, I hope so), I didn’t think he’d want knee-highs.  The yarn is Paton’s Kroy Sock, in black and “Paintbox”.  The recipient did say he wanted them to be “silly”.  I hope this qualifies.  Really, I’m all nervous about these.  I almost never make anything on commission, so I’m feeling the pressure.

Oh, and the Mini-Clap (redux) is now about 2/3 finished.  Much better now with the new width.  And I probably won’t wear it for another six months.

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

3 thoughts on “It’s nice out. I think I’ll leave it out.

  1. +1 pt for Firesign Theater reference

  2. Thanks! But the reference is completely unintentional, as I’ve never heard of that! What was the reference??

  3. So pretty! I like the garden talk, and the knitting talk, and the anything-to-do-with-Nath talk, and the pictures too.

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