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Any ideas for leftover turkey?


First off, for all those of you who found me because I updated my website on Facebook, welcome!

Productive week here, so far, though some of that productivity is going to be undone (I’ll explain). First off, The Bird:

Big Bird

I wish I’d put something there for scale. But trust me, it was big. 25 lbs, approximately (that’s about 10 kilos). In the background, is R’s kick-ass noodle kugel. All the side dishes provided by the guests were delicious! We pigged out (or turkeyed out, I guess), and then did it again with dessert.

It was fun to have everybody here. All told, there were 7 kids and 9 grownups (pretty good distribution, I’d say).

Dudipede (*) was off wandering somewhere, so he’s not in this picture, but, look, we made these! It’s amusing to me that these are all kids of people I hung out with in university. It’s like we’ve become these respectable adults, or something.

I have scaled back the knitting a bit, to give my wrists a chance to recover from the Afghan of Death, and because there were other things that needed doing that I had been putting off for weeks. I did, however, finish the Spring Shawl Surprice (sic) – renamed Mother Earth Shawl by the designer once the theme was revealed. And while the theme leaves me cold (yes, I’m an environmentalist who doesn’t go in for all that touchy-feely earth mother stuff. There you go.), the shawl is quite lovely. It weighs less than 125 g, and feels very nice on my shoulders.

I’d never made lace that I actually took through to completion and blocked. It’s very cool to see this:

Turn into this:

The lace was a lot of fun to knit up, and was challenging enough to have me cursing in a few places. These were lace patterns that had you do lace knitting on both right side and wrong side rows.

The blocking process was long. I have wire blockers, but not long enough for this, and when I started, the though of threading them through seemed tedious. Which is dumb, because putting in a zillion pins was pretty tedious too.

I liked making this so much, that I’m going to make another one. Remember the Malabrigo laceweight I bought at the Cloth and Clay closeout? (it’s at the bottom right of the picture) I’m going to make a triangular shawl out of it, and bring it with me to France. I’m still deciding on what to make. I’m thinking maybe this, or this. I’m trolling Ravelry to see if I find anything I want to do.

Did I mention? I’m going to France in June. Me and Dr. Thingo and no kids. For a week! My dad bravely offered to take the kids while I’m gone. Not only that, but he and my equally brave stepmom are coming to get the kids and taking them back to Ottawa with them. My also brave brother and his heroic (she’ll be 8 months pregnant!) wife will look after them while my dad and stepmom work. Dr. Thingo and I will hang out in Annecy for 5 days, then he has to go to Hungary, and I’m going to go to Paris alone for two days. I will return from Europe on the Sunday, and the kids will be delivered back to me on the Tuesday.
It’s the best vacation ever! Anyway, I need a knitting project that is interesting but not too bulky. A lace shawl would fit the bill pretty well, I think.

Oh, and the undoing of things. The Mini-Clap I started is too narrow and long. So I’m going to start it over and make it a little wider. No big deal. It knits up fast and is fun to do. I also started a Bonsai Tunic with some green yarn that’s been in my stash forever. The yarn is fairly fine, but it’s acrylic and it feels awful knit up. So I’m undoing that. I only started it Sunday, so it’s not such a tragedy, but it’s the only yarn I have a large enough quantity of in my stash. But it’s really unpleasant. Maybe I’ll try to give it away on the Ravelry stash swap, because I don’t think I’ll be using it for a garment myself.

And my kids have just gone outside to play, so I think I’ll get started with the remaking of the Mini-Clap.

(*) Of course, not his real name. Nicknames used to protect the innocent.

** Edited to please the pedantic and way-too-smug Dr. Thingo

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

4 thoughts on “Any ideas for leftover turkey?

  1. That’s a nice looking bird, Nath! Beautiful colour. And the lace. Wow. You are so talented. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

  2. Thanks! I want to be like you when I grow up, so I think we’re at an impasse!

  3. You two could trade. It’d be like an old-school Disney movie!

    Yay for summer travels. I’ve got a fourish-hour layover in Paris on my way back from Istanbul in June, and I’m trying to figure out whether that’s enough time to go into the city proper and explore for a bit.

  4. I know nothing of Paris. I don’t know how far Charles de Gaulle is from everything else. I say do it, even if it’s only to take a quick cab ride through the streets to say you’ve been there.

    Istanbul (NOT Constantinople!), neat!

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