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What is this strange sensation?


I feel hot.  And a little sweaty.  What a concept!

It’s so nice out.  The birdies are singing.  I have an incredible amount of yard work to do.  I’ve been using my barbecue a lot in the past couple weeks.  I’ve already had two gin and tonics this year (I’d have more, but I’m out of tonic water, and I keep forgetting to pick some up when I’m at the store).  It’s spring all right.

The knitting is progressing well, but hasn’t appreciably changed in appearance.  I have a week left on the afghan.  Then I’ll probably cast on four different things, just to have some variety.

Completely unrelated to knitting, first tulips:

Wee tulips

These are tiny.  They’re only about 5 inches high, and are always first.  There are daffodils that are epsilon away from opening.  The crocuses are all limp.  And the lily of the valley is starting to shoot up.

Here’s the front lawn today (I want to take one of these every month, to show the garden’s progress over the season):

front garden, april 18

I don’t know what those blue flowers are.  In five years, I’ve never gotten around to finding out.  Anyone out there know?

And, for posterity, before I rip it all out and turn it into an herb garden, here’s the only grass in the front garden, left by the previous owners for no reason that I can guess at:

front grass, april 18

Author: nathknits

Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

4 thoughts on “What is this strange sensation?

  1. I have those blue flowers as well. I hadn’t seen them in previous years though. I was thinking I needed to dig through my books.

  2. They’re nice! I like them. The thing is, I’m a botanical ignoramus, so I have no clue what I’m doing out there. So stuff comes up, and I give it time to get big before I decide to leave it or pull it out. Sometimes it’s too late…

  3. I *believe* they are called “scilla.” or “squill.” Once again, Latin pretty, English ugly.

  4. Thanks! Now I know.

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