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Crocuses, tulips and grass (oh, my!)


Yes, it’s spring!  Look at this!


Cute little crocuses (crocus? croci?) popping out in my front garden.  I love them!  They’re the first bit of colour we get in our garden every year.  And they keep popping up in unexpected places.  There are a couple in the boulevard in front of my house, as well as in the periwinkle bed.  Probably moved there by squirrel gardeners. I always seem to forget them over the winter, and it’s a pleasant surprise to find them every year.

I was also surprised, after last week’s thaw, to see these:

tulip shoots

They don’t look like much, but they’re important!  The previous owners had a lot of tulip bulbs scattered around the periwinkle.  And I liked them, but they were getting a little clumpy.  So I dug them all up in the summer and split the bulbs.  Then I replanted them in the tomato bed right outside my front window.  I was half expecting that I’d killed them all.  But, no, there they are!  They managed to start sprouting even when they were covered with snow.

The grass is starting to turn green in some people’s yards.  Mine, however is still covered with last year’s leaves.  I stopped raking them a couple years ago, in favour of just running them over with the lawn mower in the spring, which works pretty well, but this year, I’m planning on taking out the remaining grass out of the front yard – the previous owners turned the front yard into a fabulous perennial garden, but decided to leave some grass, for no apparent reason.  It’s a small patch, and hard to mow.  So I’m going to take it all out and plant an herb garden.  The back yard is still pretty wet since it’s east-facing and doesn’t get much sunshine, so I’ll let that go for a couple weeks.

Other milestone:  I hung a load of laundry outside this morning.  Yippee!

Oh, and I tuned up my bike, and got a Trail-Gator for Zebula.  Look at her!

Zebula's biking

I’m all giddy from sunshine.

Oh, knitting.  It’s all afghan all the time.  Picture what you saw in the previous post, only bigger.  It’s taking all my spare time.  Aiee.  Oh, and I might just leave that mistake I talked about last time.  Knitteopath, who was at “book club” on Friday said she couldn’t figure out where the mistake was in the picture.  So I’m torn.  Should I just leave it, and not bother, thinking, “it’s 50 by 60 inches, they can drape it in a way where it doesn’t show in the picture”, or do I let my conscience get the better of me and spend the hour it will take to fix it.  I guess that all depends on just how sick of it I will be after the knitting’s all done.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

2 thoughts on “Crocuses, tulips and grass (oh, my!)

  1. I like the quotation marks around “book club!”

    You know what I’d be doing about that mistake…. NOTHING!

  2. Yeah, but my conscience is bugging me (stupid conscience).

    We (the “book club”) are really, as one of our members says, “a wine club with a reading problem”. Usually, we all read the book, at least. That last one was a bad example.

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