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April goes in like a lamb, and out like a giraffe


The above was a quote by Dr. Thingo early this morning.  It is a fitting April 1st here.  It’s been pouring rain all morning, and so a large part of my garden is now bared, which is great.  Even while covered in snow, things started growing, and there are crocus, lily and tulip shoots to be seen.  And I got my giant order of soil for the year, so I’ll start with the garden clean up as soon as things dry  up a little.  I know we still have one snowstorm left before we can put away the snowsuits, but it certainly is nice to go outside in a rain jacket instead of a parka.

About two weeks ago, craving colour, I went outside and cut a few forsythia branches from what is technically the neighbour’s bush, but the branches cascade down on my side of the fence.  That day, a different neighbour gave me a pot of tulips.  Both worked great!  About a week later, I had this to cheer me up until the weather got milder:

Yellow and red!

I finished the stripey afghan for Spinrite last week:

Stripey Afghan Finished

I still think it’s way too busy, but it’s done, and I hope that’s what the designer had in mind.  Hot on the heels of that one, they send me yarn for a new one, knitted this time, which I like a lot better.  It’s all mitred squares, in purples with a heathered charcoal to bring it all together.  I’m really enjoying working on it, but it’s really, really big (finished size of about 50 by 60 inches).  I have to work five squares a day to make the deadline, which is about three hours of work.  Whew!

Since this new afghan is taking over my life, I don’t have time for anything else, so the other stuff is languishing.  Which is too bad, because I’m itching to cast on a mini-Clapotis with some Kureyon* from my stash, and I want to finish the socks before I do.  I know, I’m, like, the last person on the planet to make a Clapotis.  Better late than never.  And, as popular as that pattern has been, I’ve only ever seen one out in the wild.  It’s funny, even though things like this can be hugely popular in the online knitting world, we’re not really that big a population, so I almost never see anything I’ve either done or wanted to do out in the wild, other than at Knitters Guild meetings.

Off to feed my ravenous hordes, and brave the rain.

* Note, this is not an endorsement of that particular online retailer.  They’re just the first ones that came up when I googled Kureyon.

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2 thoughts on “April goes in like a lamb, and out like a giraffe

  1. I actually really like the stripey part, with all the colours, but with the border it’s just gawdawefu! My eyes hurt a little 🙂

    I totally miss watching these projects progress at the gelato shop…

  2. I didn’t bring this one anywhere – too many balls of yarn to deal with, and the main part was too cumbersome. The purple one I’m working on now is like that too. Just too big to deal with, but I bring it with me to playgroup and book club anyway, because of the tight deadline. Last time I was at playgroup, I made a square, but had to undo it because I screwed it up. Which is funny because I managed to make my five at book club the week before with no problems. Apparently, too much wine is better than too much coffee.

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