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It’s March 25th.  And it’s snowing.  Copiously.  The expected total snowfall by the end of today is about 10 cm.  Sheesh.

We all got haircuts today.  Including me:


Yeah, that’s not the most flattering picture of me, but look!  My hair is all short.  I’m me again.  Really, I’m not sure anymore what possessed me to grow it.  I started after Vorlon was born almost three years ago.  Recently, I realized I’m just too lazy to have long hair.  Especially mine.  It’s prone to poofiness at the merest sign of humidity, and summer’s coming (well, maybe.  So far, there’s no sign to that effect.  See previous paragraph about snow.)  So there it is.

Easter weekend included, for the first time in probably 20 years, a church service.  I hear you gasping.  Not only was it a church service, but a 2 hour Lutheran one.  Yep.  A friend was having her baby baptised, and since I’d missed her other two daughters’ baptisms, I thought we should show up at this one.  The ceremony was apparently short for an Easter Vigil (my friend once attended a full-length one in Montreal which was 3.5 hours long).  It was surprisingly Catholic in ritual – I had thought that the whole point of Lutheranism was to get away from Catholicism.  Maybe they were just trying to get away from the pope…  Anyway, if it hadn’t been for the many opportunities to sing (there were hymns all over the place), it would have been unbearably long.  The kids behaved really well, and understandably had a lot of questions.  Then they spent the last half hour with Dr. Thingo and a bunch of other kids running around in the nursery upstairs.  What surprised me the most was how devout and devoted the congregation was.  They lustily answered where answering was required.  They all seemed very sincere.  When I attended services as a child, most people didn’t seem to be this deeply faithful.  Maybe that’s the difference with religion now.  People who do attend services now are really believers, since it’s much more acceptable now to not attend church than it ever was, so the people who are left are the ones who really want to go.  Or I could just be talking out of my butt, since I haven’t attended any kind of Christian service, other than a wedding or a funeral, in two decades.

The stripey blanket for Spinrite is nearly done.  I’ve assembled all the squares and attached them to the body of the blanket.  I still think it’s painfully busy:


Now I’m  at the point where I’m tucking in loose ends and cutting those that were already worked in.  There are many.  Here’s a picture after one session (admittedly, the most productive one, but still):

They pay me by the metre, so I feel a little bad that a large part of it is going in the trash, but that’s what they get for making me do stripey granny squares, I guess.

The socks are moving slowly, now that I’m not spending all my evenings at some rehearsal.  Zebula absolutely wanted to model them:


And here, because I haven’t put a picture of it up yet, is the Spring Shawl Surprice (sic).


Looks like a pile of light green ramen noodles, just as any self-respecting unblocked lace project should.  I’m one clue away from finishing.  It should be done by the end of the week.


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