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I’m in a quandary. We have natural gas to heat the house, and so because we’re responsible adults with wee kiddies (and because the firemen who came to do the house inspection told us we have to), we have carbon monoxide detectors, in case of leakage. One of them is upstairs by the bedrooms. We have another one. It’s been chirping periodically because the batteries are running low. Problem is, I can’t for the life of me figure out where I put it. It’s true! It used to be in the front hall, and I moved it, I thought, to the basement, close to the furnace. It chirps every once in a while, but not often enough that I can locate it. I look for it every once in a while. But then the chirping stops, and I forget about it until it starts up again. It’s making me crazy. Especially since my house isn’t especially large, so I should be able to find it. And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we have a CO leak. If that were the case, it would give me four chirps at a time. And, presumably, the one upstairs would pipe up too.

Very little fibrous content to report. The stripey blanket is progressing, but not that quickly, since this is a concert week for me, and I’ve been out singing most evenings (come see us! Centre in the Square at 8:00pm. We’re doing Bach’s St-John Passion. It’s a good one!). I’m at the part where I’m doing the granny squares, which is nice, because anytime I have five minutes, I whip one up. I have, I think, 15 left to make (I’ve made 21 so far). Then I have to assemble it all.

The socks are coming along, and providing entertainment for the people sitting next to me at this concert. Aside: I don’t, as a rule, knit during rehearsals. I’m singing most of the time, and when other sections are working on a few hard bars, I should be working things out on my own. I get that. However, during a run-through that is not on stage, I do knit during the arias. Some of those are loooooong. Plus, I listen better when I’m knitting so I’m not so fidgetty. During the dress rehearsal on stage, I do not knit, even during the arias, so that I don’t face the wrath of my choir director. And, of course, it would be pretty bad form during an actual concert. Though I noticed that the symphony musicians (like oboists or flutists, who don’t necessary play for the whole thing but still have to sit there) have no compunctions about bringing reading material during any rehearsal or concert. They just put whatever they’re reading on their music stand. Nobody can tell except for the choir sitting behind them.

Oh, and the Spring Shawl Surprise is on hold until I get my evenings back. I’m one and a half clues away from finishing.

Ok, off to entertain the children by making baked goods. With sprinkles.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

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