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(ed: I just realized I never posted this. My apologies. I wrote it on Sunday, if that helps)

It’s been busy here, the last couple of days. On Thursday, some friends from out of town came with their kids to hang out and spend the night, which was fun. Then, about two hours after they left, the Thingo family came to visit (including my brother in law). This was also fun, but it’s nice to have the house to ourselves again, even though the kids are already suffering from the lack of constant attention and stimulation.

It’s been sunny and milder the last few days, which is making me feel like we should be getting started on spring cleaning, gardening, bike tuning-up, etc. Yes, yes, there’s still half a metre of snow on the ground, but a person can dream, right? I am grateful that I don’t need to wear my parka outside anymore. I’ll just be content with that for the next little while.

Haven’t done too much work on the stripey blanket for Spinrite. I’m still not crazy about the colour. I have finished the main part and the single crochet edging, and am now working on making up the 36 granny square motifs (also striped) that will go around. This is going to be the busiest blanket in creation. It’s going to have to come with an epileptic advisory. I’ll be happy to be done with this one, I think.

I started a pair of socks with the red Tofutsies I bought from Cloth and Clay last week.

The yarn is pleasant enough to work with. You can barely tell from the picture, but I threw in a small, four-stitch cable on either side of the top of the foot (instep? I never get that right), which is an idea I ripped off the Yarn Harlot after seeing a pair of socks she made recently. It’s getting completely lost in the marled effect from the yarn, which is composed of two plies of red, one of pink and one of white, but the cables are breaking the monotony of stocking stitch in the round, so I’m leaving it in. That’s Zebula’s hand, there, getting involved with the picture making. She has freakishly large hands and feet for a five-year-old!

As I mentioned, my brother in law was here. I promised to make him a sweater ages ago, and told him he was next on the list (for sweaters. Socks and other portable don’t count as part of the queue…) He wants a sweater with a pocket on the front. Like the Wonderful Wallaby, which I like, but can’t find a Canadian supplier for it. I think I’ll probably make an EPS sweater and retrofit a hood and pocket on it. However, as I am trying to honour the pledge that I made in my first post, I’m going to finish two projects from my stash first before I buy the yarn for it. And I know, my excursion to Cloth and Clay last week kind of busts the pledge, but I think that surprise store closeouts don’t count. The Tofutsies socks count as one. I’ll probably make the White Witch Mittens next – just in time for the weather to start getting warmer.

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Mom, knitter, IT nerd, trying to make it all run smoothly.

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. But didn’t your pledge say you could buy new yarn for gifts? Surely a sweater for you b-i-l counts as a gift?

  2. That’s true! But I do want to take some stash away before I buy a sweater’s worth of yarn.

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