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Guilty yarn


I went and checked out the deep discounts at Cloth and Clay.  It was packed!  And the stuff was already beginning to be picked over only two days after the ‘store closing’ sign went up.  Here’s what I got:

C&C Haul

In the upper left, two balls of Meilenweit Mega Boots sockyarn.   The upper right – two balls of Tofutsies sock yarn (content:  soy fibre, wool, cotton and chitin).  The lower left – Fleece Artist sock yarn (yeah, I like the sock yarn), and the lower right, three skeins of Malabrigo laceweight.  Aside from the Mega Boots, this is stuff I normally don’t get because I can’t afford it.  I said to the owner that I felt bad taking advantage, and she said not to feel bad, and to think of them when I knitted the stuff up.  So I will!

Unrelated – I did some math, and figuring on 37 cm of snow, and two driveways, I shoveled more than 1100kg of snow yesterday and the day before.  That’s more than one tonne!

Dr. Thingo and kids took advantage and dug some tunnels:

Dr. Thingo is crouching, but you can just see the top of Vorlon’s hat on the right there (looks like kitty ears).  Did I mention we got a lot of snow?

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4 thoughts on “Guilty yarn

  1. Don’t tell them I was crouching! Oh, and Vorlon’s hat is on the left, not the right. Is that really him? I didn’t think the hat he was wearing yesterday had any features resembling kitty ears.

  2. Yes, you’re correct. On the left. It’s the camo hat. It has a pointy top. You can see it on the drying rack when you get home.

  3. Cute!! I miss snow!!! But not the horrors of shovelling a tonne of it…

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